By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Yongda Huang Harris, the guy who got caught at LAX with a bags that contained, among other things, “knives, body bags, a hatchet, collapsible baton, biohazard suit, full-face respirator, billy clubs and a smoke grenade.

And yes, he boarded his flight in Seoul, where he was presumably wearing a bullet proof vest and flame-retardant pants when he passed through security. Nothing that would set off any alarms. Besides, I’m sure they made him take off his shoes.

Yongda Huang Harris was an English teacher at a middle school in Japan, which is why this should make your skin crawl:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Melissa Mills told the court that pornography of a disturbing nature was found on Harris’ computer, some of it a type of Japanese anime depicting the torture of young children. Other pornography included live action video clips with titles such as “School Girls in Cement.”
Mills also told the court that investigators found troubling writings about murder, kidnapping, torture and “man trapping” on Harris’ laptop. The computer files contained research materials about date rape drugs, Japanese school schedules and remote locations near schools.