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In-store promotions that literally suck

Shinsegae Department Store in Haeundae offered up this novel approach to promoting vacuum cleaners this weekend.



Snicker if you will, but check out the people in the background lining up to take that bad boy for a spin. Vacuum very much.

Shame they don’t come in my size

Like many of you here in the hot ROK summer, I’ve been looking for ways to keep cool without putting undue stress on the strained power grid. The Chinese have nailed it.

Images of Chinese children wearing watermelons in a variety of styles have gone viral on social networking sites such as China’s Weibo and even made their way to the country’s TV news.

According to the state news agency Xinhua, the trend started in July in the city of Wenzhou when pictures of a small child in a watermelon suit appeared online. Others then followed as parents tried to outdo each other with elaborate watermelon designs.

watermelon kid china

Suwon woman literally doesn’t give a crap

Some creative capitalism taking place in lovely Suwon. Police have bagged a woman for bagging her poop and selling it through the mail.

The prosecution said Wednesday that it is investigating a woman who gained 120 million won ($105,000) by selling her own excrement and video clips of her excreting.

According to the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office, the seller, surnamed Lee, sold some excrement and underwear which she wore for between 30,000 won to 50,000 from August 2010 to April this year.

To certify that the excrement was her own, she filmed herself excreting.

Lest ye forget, Suwon is home to the world’s first toilet theme park.

On sexed up sports and sedation

The recent article in the KT about TV sportstalk babes baring more skin is nothing new, but that dentist they interviewed and his take on the skin thing is likely to creep some people out.

All of which leads me to ask: is it pronounced sports-talk or sport-stalk?

Oh, a self-proclaimed “master” of adult videos, said he felt an adrenalin rush different to what he experiences from such videos when watching the sports round-up.

“The announcers in such shows are not explicit, but sexy, and at the same time they are active and elegant,” he said.

According to Oh, a dentist in Seoul who has to be at his hospital around 7 a.m., he felt compelled to watch the 30-minute-long late-night baseball show and then downloaded all previous episodes.

[Insert “strangulation of fowl” sports reference joke here]

If I was a woman, after reading those quotes, I might be hesitant about being sedated for whatever dental procedure Dr. Oh might suggest.

Granted, you gotta give the guy credit for allowing the use of his full name in the piece, but discussing what seems to be a focused study on the nuanced differences between porn and sports presenters might not be good for ye ole practice.

And to those who would move to prevent sexy sport reporting, Oh goes for the gender rights jugular.

“If somebody wants to criticize the announcers, he or she should consider denouncing those girl groups first. Why can’t they see that the sports-ladies are expressing their beauty?”

Duly noted, big Oh.

POSCO exec unhappy with ramen, smacks flight attendant with magazine

In the “You can’t make stuff this stupid up” department, a POSCO Energy board member, on a Korean Air flight from Incheon to L.A., was unhappy with his ramen so he reportedly whacked the flight attendant with a magazine.


Apparently, he first became unruly when he couldn’t get rice porridge and then became doubly incensed that the ramen he was given instead was too salty and not cooked properly.

Oh, and in a fit of defiance, he refused to buckle his seatbelt.

The pilot alerted U.S. authorities of the incoming knucklehead and, upon landing in L.A., Mr. Ramen was greeted by FBI agents and given the option to submit to questioning or return home. He took the next flight back –on another airline I would imagine.

According to the Joongang Ilbo, the exec claims it was all a BIG misunderstanding.

For his part, the board member reportedly said that he did not hit the female attendant with a magazine but that she came nearby and accidently ran into a magazine he was holding.

Yeah, that makes sense.

(HT to Chevy)

Who’s running the art department over there?

The Korea Times has a pedestrian piece on the US being unlikely to intervene in a possible Sino-Japanese conflict based on their staying out of the Falkland Island War.

The premise might be worth commenting on, but I wanna know who is in charge of picking the accompanying photos down there that thought this shot of Obama went well with the story?

Prez Obama

My name is Barack Obama and I endorse this wind-breaking.

The naked guy and the general’s new name

I don’t know exactly what is going on in the naked guy chasing police video, but it’s pretty damn funny. And I don’t know which is more amusing, the fact that the guy is chasing police in the buff, or that the cops are retreating rather than tackling him.

On second thought, they can’t be paying these guys nearly enough to tackle naked maniacs in the countryside.

It’s circulating on Facebook and you can enjoy it here. Judging by the 25-second clip, it was apparently a bit chilly that day.

In other news and because I am too busy (read lazy) to write two separate posts, General James Thurman, the commander of the United Forces in Korea, has been officially given a Korean name.

Now, in casual conversation over cocktails and Petraeus jokes, you can refer to him as “Seo Min Jae.”

I am uncertain if it is a popular way to address the waiter when dining in Korea, but it means “a person who serves people well.”

As far as Korean second names go, it’s not nearly as cool as President Obama’s “O Han-ma” or Condie Rice’s “Na I-su,” which sounds quite similar to the popular, though possibly unrelated catchphrase, “nice-uh” that pervades the expat lexicon.

Hillary Clinton didn’t fare too well with her K-monikor, which dubbed her “Han Hui-suk.” Considering how most Americans would pronounce it,  feel free to proceed with your Monica Lewinsky jokes.

Buried in the front yard? Really?

It’s generally hard to attribute intellectual prowess to a person who murders someone following an unsuccessful ransom scheme, but these three stooges couldn’t find the brains in their collective to bury the victim somewhere other than their own front yard.

The Philippine police have handed over three South Korean suspects after arresting them for murdering a 41-year-old compatriot in the Philippines, police said Wednesday.

The victim’s body was found buried in the front yard of a house they rented in a residential area in Manila on Sept. 8.

Manilla police launched the investigation at the family’s request after they hadn’t heard from the victim since he left for Manilla on August 13th. My sympathy to the family for their loss.

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