Shit, that’s a lot of whiskey :

Korea consumed more top-range whisky aged 17 years or over than any other country in the world last year, according to a survey.

Korea topped the list with 698,000 cases (9 liters per case) of super-premium whisky, according to the survey by the U.K.’s International Wine and Spirit Research. It has ranked top for 11 consecutive years.

The U.S. was a distant second with 478,000 cases, or 68 percent of Korea’s consumption, followed by China (234,000 cases), Taiwan, Japan, and France.

What’s sad is not the amount of drinking, but that much of the premium whiskey is being wasted in boilermakers, apparently. A true tragedy.

Anyway, Ye Olde Chosun found this proper starting point to pen an editorial on how Korea’s consumer bubble reminded them of pre-bubble Japan, and how the life of luxury and leisure had robbed the young of a sense of challenge.

Bah, humbug!