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Korean-Canadian in jail in Mauritania, possible links to Algeria attack

A Korean-Canadian convert to Islam is in prison in Mauritania for “terrorism actions in the region,” and although he was imprisoned prior to the deadly attack on an Algerian gas plant in January, he was high school friends with two other folk from London, Ontario linked by the Ceeb to the attack

How much he could have been involved in the attack, I don’t know, because he was first arrested in Mauritania in December 2011 and has presumably been in prison since then.

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No Korean hostages in Algeria: Foreign Ministry

Although earlier Western reports had a Korean among the hostages in Algeria, the Foreign Ministry says there were no Korean nationals on the list of workers at the natural gas complex, and no Koreans or Korean companies active in the region where the kidnapping took place.

As you all know by now, it appears a rescue attempt by the Algerian military went very, very sideways.

If you are with the embassy, don’t read this

 I am in Busan right now, courtesy of Uncle Sam. They are sponsoring a presentation I am giving here tomorrow.

I just hope nobody at the embassy reads my bashing of their boss in my KT piece before check-out time.

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