So, North Korea celebrated the NFP’s electroral victory by launching a rocket a few minutes ago.

Initial reports are that it failed.

UPDATE: The South Korean Defense Ministry has officially announced that the North Korean rocket flew for about a minute or two after launch and then exploded in the air. And even North Korea is admitting it failed.

And no, it never violated South Korean territory.

Oh, and the ROKN Sejong the Great was the first ship to detect the launch. So congrats.

The Saenuri Party has condemned the launch, for what it’s worth.

UPDATE 2: The South Korean government estimates that North Korea spent about US$850 million on the launch.

Or enough to feed 19 million North Koreans for a year.

This is peanuts, actually, compared to the amount of money they’re sinking into the upcoming celebrations to mark Kim Il-sung’s birthday, which should come out to about US$2 billion, or roughly one-third of North Korea’s annual budget of US$5.7 billion.

This, children, is why we should never, ever send food to North Korea.