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Hello from A Korean Music Highschool


Just another day in high school, working out a really nice version of Adele’s “Hello“.
The only thing I hope is these kids learn more than just using Cubase or copying other singers.


This wonderful singer was invited to sing on the Ellen Degeneres Show in the US.
Much congratulations to this young and excellent singer! (thanks to “brier” for the tip).

Some of the Real K-pop – LeeSA


LeeSA doing her cover of “Red”.

I have spent a good bit of time listening to chaebol music and, though the production skills are good, it leaves me wanting to hear something fresh – something fresh like LeeSA (리싸).  She has a great voice and her covers really do sound good, so much that I prefer listening to her version. Her version of “Red” is really nice.  The stripped down versions of these covers are great because the music is not hiding under a pile of audio tricks, sampling and ProTools plug-ins – Just basic mixing.

As happens with most indie Korean artists, LeeSA has a notable presence on youtube, which is lucky for listeners looking for something different from South Korea that has something to do with music and not “music business”.

Other great original songs, such as “Could You Stop that Smile” are here.

Dave Brubeck, 1920 – 2012

Dave Brubeck passed away.  Brubeck was a pianist and composer who helped make jazz popular again in the 1950s and ’60s with recordings like “Time Out,” the first jazz album to sell a million copies, and “Take Five,”.  He would have been 92 this Thursday. Hats off, take five.

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