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Ahn throws full weight behind Moon… I think.

Former presidential candidate Ahn Cheol-soo has decided to really back Moon Jae-in:

Moments after Ahn Cheol-soo ended his multi-week circus of flip-flopping and committed to the campaign of Democratic United Party (DUP) candidate Moon Jae-in, Woo Sang-ho, Moon’s spokesman, was caught grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“This is s whole new ballgame,’’ said the beaming lawmaker, whose expression was notably gloomier earlier in the day when the union between Moon and Ahn seemed irrevocably damaged and conservative candidate Park Geun-hye’s lead in opinion polls looked to be widening.

While the clock ticks louder toward the Dec. 19 vote, Woo was confident that the endorsement of Ahn, the computer software millionaire popular with both liberal and conservative voters, could prove enough to nudge Moon ahead of Park.

And that’s certainly possible—the Hani’s analysis of several media polls indicate that Moon polls a lot better when Ahn’s helping him out.

Just how enthusiastically Ahn will actually support Moon, we’ll have to see. Judging from Ahn’s recent statements, he’s got a lot of reservations about Moon, particularly in regards to national security. I have to think Moon’s concerned about his political reliability with gameday right around the corner.

So, satirical paintings of Park Geun-hye having a dictator baby are bad…

but cartoons of Moon Jae-in and Ahn Cheol-soo having gay sex and jerking off are apparently OK, according to the Central Election Committee.

That would be the same Central Election Committee that ordered prosecutors to investigate a satirical painting of Park Geun-hye giving birth to a little Park Chung-hee.

And in today’s Legal WTF moment, a committee official explained that while the cartoons might constitute slander under criminal laws, they did not constitute slander under the election law, apparently because they are too abstract and therefore do not bring to mind any particular candidate.

Which is odd, because they don’t look very abstract to me.

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