Rep. Lee Jae-oh, long-time confidant of President Lee Myung-bak and aspiring presidential candidate for the Saenuri Party, has cited at least one good reason he should get the nod over rival (and likely winner) Park Geun-hye.

Unlike Park, he has a penis.

At a talk at the Seoul Correspondent Club yesterday, Lee said it would be difficult for a women to take leadership solely because she’s a women if she’s not experienced the reality of national division or national defense. Or something like that—it’s an oddly worded comment:

“분단 현실을 체험하지 않고 국방을 경험하지 않은 상태에서 단순히 여성이라는 이유로 리더십을 갖기에는 어려움이 있다”

He suggested Korea might be ready for a woman president after the country is unified and peaceful, but now was too early. North Korea is led by a belligerent and young leader, he said, and South Korea’s reality still demanded leadership with responsibility over national defense.

In case you’re confused, he’s alluding to the fact that in Korea, women are not drafted into the military.

The day before, Gov. Kim Moon-soo attacked Park for being single in a comment I’m still trying to make sense of.