Jessica Gomes on cover of Maxim

Marmot’s Hole favorite Jessica Gomes is on the cover of the November issue of Maxim. In the accompanying interview, she says she’s in the best shape of her life thanks to being on the Korean edition of “Dancing with the Stars.” Oh, and she complained again about her boobs being too big, explaining they caused her frustration growing up because she couldn’t wear the sample size clothing models are supposed to wear.

Apparently, not everyone is happy with the cover. Others like it quite a bit (nice amulet, BTW).

Jessica Gomes brings the curves to ‘Madison’

Marmot’s Hole favorite Jessica Gomes poses very au natural for Aussie men’s magazine “Madison.” (maybe NSFW, despite being an Australian newspaper link).

Interestingly, the photos weren’t Photoshopped. And Jessica is proud:

“I think a lot of girls can relate to me because I’m not super-thin and I’ve got boobs and a bum,” she said. “And I actually look pretty good.”

I think you’ll agree. It’s nice seeing someone NOT rail-thin. I do recall some Netizens were criticizing her recent figure, but I have no complaints.

Also on the Jessica Gomes front, we have a new add by a local bank — at least we get to hear her speak Korean: