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Jeong H. Kim resigns as minister-nominate, ruling party asks him to reconsider

Jeong H. Kim, the Ko-Am whom Park Geun-hye named to head her bigger and better science ministry called a surprise press conference this morning to announce he was resigning as minister-nominate out of frustration with the political process.

If you want to hear Kim make the announcement—or at least hear how well he speaks Korean—here’s the video.

Kim’s resignation comes as the ruling and opposition parties enter last-minute negotiations to pass President Park’s government reformation bill, the major sticking point of which is the transfer of some broadcasting responsibilities from the Korea Communications Commission to the science ministry:

President Park and the ruling Saenuri Party insist this ministry needs the broadcasting policy oversight function to enable it to fuse the broadcasting and communications sectors and strengthen content creation for the ICT industry.

However, the main opposition Democratic United Party argues the transfer of broadcasting oversight would endanger media impartiality as it would place broadcasting policies directly under the government’s control.

“The Korea Communications Commission currently governs all policies concerning system operators and program providers. But the Park Geun-hye government says it will transfer all of this to the new science ministry.”

In a meeting of lawmakers that followed Kim’s announcement, Saenuri Party head Hwang Woo-yea called on Kim to reconsider his resignation. More to the point, he told Kim to stop being such a wuss—sure, Korea’s got a ton of problems, but we man the fuck up and overcome those problems.

Yes, I paraphrased there.

OK, I might have an issue naming a guy with a CIA background as science minister, too

I linked yesterday to a Dong-A piece on Jeong H Kim, the Korean-American guy who has been named by Park Geun-hye to be her minister of science and technology.

As I noted, the guy has a compelling life story. Unfortunately, the Chosun Ilbo notes that said compelling story includes a stint on a CIA External Advisory Board. He also served as director of venture capital firm In-Q-Tel, founded in 1999 with CIA money.

Needless to say, this has some folk—particularly in the political opposition—asking questions. Namely, they’re asking whether it’s appropriate to name a guy with a record working for a foreign intelligence organization as a minister.

Cheong Wa Dae is sticking with their guy, though, and a nameless Saenuri Party lawmaker told the Chosun Ilbo that there are pro-North Korean lawmakers in the National Assembly, too, so there’s no big deal here.

Moving story of Jeong H. Kim

If you read Korean, check out the Dong-A Ilbo’s story on Kim Jong-hun, the (until recently) Korean-American president of Bell Labs who has been nominated to become the minster of whatever the hell Park Geun-hye is calling the ministry of science and technology.

Oh, and in case you were considering abandoning your US citizenship:

김 후보자가 미국 국적을 포기할 경우 미국 정부에 막대한 금액의 ‘국적 포기세(稅)’를 내야 한다는 지적도 나온다. 이는 고소득자가 탈세를 목적으로 국적을 포기하는 것을 막기 위해 국적 포기 시점에 모든 재산을 처분한 것으로 간주해 세금을 매기는 제도다. 수천억 원의 재산가로 알려진 그가 미국 국적을 포기하면 1000억 원이 넘는 세금을 내야 할 것으로 추산된다.

Good to know.

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