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’97 Itaewon Murder Case suspect faces extradition

Better late than never, I suppose:

The prime suspect in the murder of a university student in Itaewon, Seoul 14 years ago has been caught in the U.S. and is undergoing extradition proceedings. The Justice Ministry on Monday said Arthur Patterson, the then-17-year-old son of a U.S. Forces Korea civilian employee, is accused of stabbing Cho Jung-pil, then a 23-year-old student at Hongik University, nine times in the toilet of a hamburger restaurant in Itaewon in April 1997.

Oh, and fear not the statute of limitations:

The murder took place 14 years and six months ago, just six months shy of the 15-year statute of limitation for murder. But under the Criminal Procedure Law, the statute of limitations freezes the day a suspect flees overseas, leaving more than 10 years in this case.

Trailer for ‘Itaewon Murder Case’

Here’s the upcoming trailer for “Itaewon Murder Case,” based on the 1997 murder of Cho Jung-pil by, it is suspected, two upstanding American teens — or at least one of them — in the old Itaewon Burger King:

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