Irish ambassador to Korea Eamonn McKee looks at what Korea and Ireland have in common (and no, I don’t believe he mentioned the Irish Curse. At least I hope he didn’t.):

“You’ve got two small countries, Ireland and Korea, who are surrounded by big powers and have retained their national identity over many, many centuries despite being buffeted by these powers and the power politics of their regions.

“Two countries that were colonized quite dramatically. In our case, for 800 years. In the Korean case, successively by different influences but really quite dramatically from the 1890s onward.

“Then you had an interesting situation where Korean nationalist intellectuals looked to the Ireland model about how you resist and being influenced by our national theater, for example. And you had Japanese nationalists looking to London to find out how do you suppress resistance and how do you create empire.

Read on. McKee’s in the news with an Irish and North Irish delegation in Seoul to share the lessons of the Irish peace process with the Korean government. What lessons for Korea can be found in Ulster, I haven’t an effing clue, but the delegation should enjoy their visit anyway. Hope they make it out to Chuncheon while they’re here.