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What? You mean having consensual sex with a Korean woman is NOT a sex crime?

Matt over at Gusts of Popular Feeling has been all over the JoongAng Ilbo and its TV station for some articles and a TV program on foreign crime.

I’m going to link to his most recent post, but it’s got the rest of the series linked at the top.

BTW, dear readers, don’t try this at home:

I’d also like to say Solbi‘s role in all this, while regrettable, is easily forgiven because she’s hot. She doesn’t look like Jessica Alba, though, unless by Jessica Alba, you mean “charmingly plump Korean girl with a great rack,” in which case yes, she looks exactly like Jessica Alba.

And on the drunken, high and sexually miscreant foreigner (and gyopo!) front…

Over at Three Wise Monkeys, Christopher Smith writes the unthinkable—that Westerners living in Korea may be contributing to their own occasionally besmirched reputations:

Can any sympathy be given for MBC’s program and its producers? Some might say that there is no smoke without fire. Are Westerners blameless and merely the victims of Korea’s insecurities about foreigners? After all, they do use the same word for “alien,” “외국,” as they do for “foreigner.”

A few weeks ago there was a foreigner beach party on Wando beach, Jeollanamdo, which every teacher currently working in public schools in that province will have heard about. The party-goers caused quite a number of complaints to come from locals that included too much noise, rubbish on the beach, topless women, and, worst of the lot, the vandalism of a closed public toilet, which was broken into and although without any plumbing (the reason for the closure), was utilized anyway causing what I would imagine to be a particularly unpleasant sight and smell.

The regional coordinator of public school teachers was quite rightly furious and sent a strongly worded e-mail to all teachers warning against any future misconduct and declaring the price that would be paid if the perpetrators are identified.

But this was all a one-off, right? I mean people from any country and any culture can have a bad day, and there are plenty of expats living in Korea who would turn their noses up at such behavior. While this last statement is obviously true, perhaps it is time that those of us coming from Western English-speaking cultures admitted that we have a growing problem with our moral behavior and reputation in other countries and especially with regard to Asian countries.

Not sure what the 외국 comment meant—we use “alien” and “foreigner” interchangeably, too. Or at least we used to, before we abandoned them both in favor of “immigrant,” used regardless of sojourn status or even legality of residence.

Besides that, though, his other observations ring sadly true. I by no means intend to discount the role racism and sexual insecurities play in the occasional displays of resentment expressed by Korean men at Western men. Much of the resentment, though, is based on racism and disrespect aimed at them by Westerners, not all of which is just perceived.

Sadly, the structure of Korea’s Western community probably doesn’t help. Between the English teachers and the GIs, you’re dealing with a lot of young men, the social constituency most likely to do stupid shit. This already troubled constituency is then hit by a double whammy—living overseas, the social pressures of their home societies no longer apply, and in Korea, the host society does not do a very good job of enforcing its social pressures on Western foreigners.

They are, in essence, free of social restraint. Most Westerners can handle it, but many cannot. We’ve all seen it, and more to the point, your Korean neighbors have all seen it.

Anyway, read Mr. Smith’s post in its entirety. The writer also has what seems like quite an interesting blog here, and I see he’s been to Indonesia’s Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, which ranks very, very high on my list of places to visit and photograph at least once in my life.

While we’re on the subject of misbehaving Westerners, NoCut News has run a four-part series on, and I quote the series title, “The Reality and Twisted Values of Some White Men.”

No, I’m serious, that’s what’s it’s called.

The inspiration for this, of course, was NoCut’s big scoop on the Western dude who secretly recorded himself having sex with Korean women (who has reportedly been sacked and is undergoing investigation).

Anyway, Part I deals with the ongoing saga of Chris Golightly, the American contestant on Superstar K3 who, according to the report, is now being investigated on charges of defrauding and blackmailing his ex-girlfriend. Most of the story, though, deals with him being a serious player. Or at least allegedly being a serious player. And a douche. Or allegedly a douche, anyway, with most of the testimony coming from his ex-girlfriend.

Since, as everyone knows, angry ex-girlfriends usually make the most reliable of sources.

Part II deals with websites and books on dating Korean women, such as this site, some nameless Youtube video I’d be keen to see and the book “Making Out in Korean.” The big beef is that many white guys come to Korea already with ideas about Korean women.

Part III is about drugs, and Part IV—personally, my favorite—deals with Itaewon’s night culture. This one is pure comedy gold, and ends with this money quote:

Of course, we don’t intend at all to defame all foreign men in Korea just by one nightime scene of Itaewon’s club street.

It’s true, however, that the foreign men this reporter saw on the street in Itaewon appeared to be nothing more than hunters chasing Korean women. It was filled with, literally, “white hunters.”

I assume they’re not referring to these guys.

At least the Nigerians can enjoy a break.

I wish I had time to translate these stores—their entertainment value alone is immeasurable.

Now, dear gyopo readers, before you get too giggly reading about the journalistic misfortunes of your more melanin deficient brethren, you haven’t been forgotten, either. In E-Today last week, one story on drugs noted that while native speaking teachers (i.e., whitey) needed to submit drug tests and criminal records, you guys—and by you guys, I mean F-4 visa-holding gyopo—did not, and this was a blind spot in Korea’s drug enforcement efforts. With the number of gyopo involved in drug offenses on the rise, this has led to calls for F-4 visa holders to submit drug tests and criminal records, too. They even got somebody from Anti-English Spectrum on record calling for strengthened controls on gyopo.

On a positive note, though, it appears—judging from this comment—that somebody in an official position has issued an opinion about the MBC program on foreign relationships.

Sex, an English Teacher and (Secretly Recorded) Videotape

NoCut News reports that a 30-year-old American teacher at a hagwon attached to a well-known private university in Seoul secretly recorded dozens of films of him having sex with Korean women.

This fiend—well, alleged fiend, identified as Mr. A—teaches English to elementary school and university students while attending the graduate school of said university. During the vacations such as now, he teaches conversational English to students and ordinary folk.

The world learned of the deviancy of this English teacher, who has been in Korea for four years, quite accidentally. The truth was almost buried forever. Or so said NoCutNews.

A female uni student by the name of B, who was friendly with A after meeting him at some gathering, was shocked when, while using A’s notebook computer recently, she found strange videos saved. These videos showed A having sex with women, and judging from the angle and the girls’ faces, it appeared the women didn’t know they were being filmed.

Using A’s social media services, B found one of the women in the videos and let her know about it. Shocked, she said she knew nothing about it.

The girl in the video immediately called A and demanded the video be erased, but she did not call the cops for fear that a) A might release the video out of spite, and b) that a bigger mess might be caused by going to the police.

Ms. B, who found the video, could not keep quiet as she felt betrayed by A.

Mr. A, whom she met at an association of like-minded persons, was popular with the group members thanks to his personality and interpersonal skills and had a good reputation. This is because on the outside he seemed a solid man, teaching students English as he attended graduate school.

B said she was shocked by the videos, as she could not believe A would do such a thing with his upright image.

B said she found about 20 videos on his computer; several women appeared in them. She said it seems most of the women in the videos still don’t know such recordings exist.

B said when she asked A about this, he said the women all know about the recordings. When she continued to press the issue, however, he admitted he recorded them secretly.

B thought there must be many victims, but it would be impossible to find and contact them all. Moreover, when she went to the cyber cops, they told her that it would be difficult for her to make a complaint as she was not in any of the videos.

So B went to CBS NoCutNews out of fear that should the matter be swept under the rug, there would be more victims.

Under current law, recording another person’s body in a way that could cause sexual desire or shame against their will is a punishable offense. Secretly recording sex is also not an offense subject to complaint, so police could recognize his crime even without a complaint from one of the victims.

Yu I Hwa-yeong, the director of the sexual violence center of Korea Women’s Hotline, said even if a foreigner commits a crime, it’s hard to process the case due to poor communication, and if the assailant flees the country, it’s often difficult to punish him.

She also said because of society’s twisted view that a women became the victim of a crime because she dated a foreigner, victimized women hesitate to make complaints, and this also makes punishing foreign criminals difficult.

Meanwhile, A reportedly will return to the United States in early August when his classes finish.

Porn, race and fetishes

So, why does having a stash of Asian porn make you fetishizing perv, but having a stash of white porn doesn’t?

This, children, is why I diversify my porn—so I can avoid such weighty philosophical quandaries.

(HT to Mr. Turnbull)

Cute, even with the excessive references to big foreign shlongs

Check out the parody of the MBC program posted at The Grand Narrative.

A piece of unsolicited advice to MBC

Any future “Foreigner-Gate”-related statements probably should be made by the station’s PR people, not people connected to the program itself.

I say this because it seems like any time somebody connected with the program opens his or her mouth, it just makes the problem worse. For example:

In response to the outcry from non-Korean viewers over the show, Kim Ji-wan, deputy chief of “Saesangbogi Sisigakgak,” said he couldn’t understand why foreigners were offended.

“We’re receiving a lot of calls [about the show] but I don’t understand what makes them angry. We all think the show is okay,” said Kim in a furious tone during a phone interview the Korea JoongAng Daily. “I watched the show several times and you’ve probably noticed—we said ‘some’ foreigners make trouble.

“But why are all these foreigners making a fuss over it? Maybe because they have a guilty conscience,” added Kim.


You know what makes this whole, stupid story so bemusing? It could have been handled so easily. A simple, “Sorry you were offended. We didn’t intend to cause offense, and will be more sensitive in the future” would have done, whether you meant it or not. Heck, it’s not like anybody really cared about the segment, anyway.

Instead, you’ve got the lead writer of the show saying, “We only tried to show that there is a difference in culture”; an MBC producer telling the WSJ of all people about “Korean women who are out of their sense and get involved in these kinds of affairs”; and finally this guy. I almost feel the last guy’s pain—I imagine he’s getting lots of nasty calls from both foreigners and perhaps from his superiors, and it’s clear he doesn’t understand why. I’d be pissy, too. But really, dude, “Maybe because they have a guilty conscience?” Jesus. As Matt put it:

Something to keep in mind, of course, is that criticizing MBC means not that MBC did something wrong, but that you did. Perhaps all mixed race couples out there owe MBC an apology for taking out their guilty consciences on such a well-meaning broadcaster.

Seriously, MBC, sit the program’s people down and tell them to keep their mouths shut any time a journalist calls. They aren’t helping. After you’ve done that, either do the classy thing and issue a statement of regret or something else resembling an apology or shut up and wait the angry foreigners out. Either way is better than what’s happening now.

Great column on MBC Foreigner-gate in Joongang Ilbo

If you read Korean, check out Noh Jae-hyeon’s column on MBC’s program and interracial couples-it’s a good one. Here’s just a sample:

인터넷에는 방송 프로그램을 옹호하는 댓글도 적지 않 다. 외국인, 특히 백인 남성이라면 가리지 않고 좇는 ‘일 부’ 한국 여성이 문제라는 글도 있다. 그러나 어느 나라든 좋은 사람 있고 나쁜 사람 있는 법이다. 게다가 남녀관계 는 지극히 사적인 영역이다. 성적(性的) 자기 결정권은 모 든 성인의 권리다. 임신이나 에이즈 감염? 누구나 조심해 야 할 일이지 외국인만 해당되는 게 아니다. 돈 떼먹는 짓 도 마찬가지다. 잠깐만 생각해도 너무나 뻔한데 외국인이 라는 틀 안에 모든 것을 넣으려 했으니 인종차별·제노포 비아(외국인 혐오증) 혐의를 받는 것 아닐까. ‘쿨’하건 ‘핫’하건 상관없이 상기해야 할 게 있다. 인류 모두의 조상 은 아프리카에서 태어났다는 사실이다.

‘Foreigner-gate’ producers wonder what all the fuss is about

Talking to Evan Ramstad of the WSJ, the producers of “The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners” expressed their bewilderment at the anger expressed by some foreigners at the segment (grab your pills!):

The producer responsible for the newsmagazine, who asked not to be named, said the story was pitched by an outside production firm, called All That Media, that’s one of seven MBC has been relying on for content since its journalists went on strike.

“When they presented the item, we thought it’s a kind of issue that had been talked about for a long time, Korean women dating American English teacher to learn English, and especially in Itaewon area,” he said, referring to a neighborhood that’s long been frequented by foreigners due in large part to its proximity to the U.S. army post.

“I don’t understand why foreigners get angry about the issue while they are living with their spouses and having no problem,” he said. “Foreigner-Korean women couples are living happily, but why are they angry over an issue that has nothing to do with them?”

He said the piece intended to portray “Korean women who are out of their sense and get involved in these kinds of affairs.”

“We need to be awakened and try to change this culture,” he said. “We had no intention to disparage foreigners. We wouldn’t do a report about foreigner-Korean women couples who are living without any problem.”

See? They didn’t mean to demean foreigners. They meant to portray “Korean women who are out of their sense and get involved in these kinds of affairs.” They’ve actually done you guys a favor, helping you avoid these “women who are out of their sense.” As a resident of the Itaewon area, and therefor especially at risk of encountering such senseless women, I thank you.

Apparently, however, not all the higher-ups at MBC have appreciated “Sesangbogi Sisigakgak”‘s public service:

The producer said one of MBC’s senior managers conveyed a complaint about the piece from a couple he knew in which the husband is American and wife is Korean. “His American friend got angry about the report,” the producer said. “I don’t understand why he would get angry if it’s not something he was involved in.”

I guess he might understand the anger better if somebody like FOX or the Daily Mail ran a similarly produced piece about “The Shocking Truth about Korean Students Who Shoot Up American Universities.”

Anyway, I said we shouldn’t expect much. And we didn’t get much, the comedic value not withstanding. Now that the WSJ—or at least its blog—has mentioned it, I wouldn’t count out a statement by MBC, but would caution that nobody should get their hopes up—I’ve heard/read far worse directed at joseonjok and other non-Western foreigners with little in the way of reflection (or bitching from Western expats, for that matter) besides the brief window following the election of Rep. Jasmine Lee to the National Assembly.

More from MBC Foriegner-Gate

OhMyNews ran a nice little story on a silent demonstration taking place in front of MBC to protest a recent program depicting foreign guy—Korean girl relationships in a negative light.

There’s also an online petition being conducted to get an apology from the MBC president for the program. Check out this Facebook page, too.

The production company that did the program, meanwhile, wants to know what the fuss is all about:

The lead writer for the show, made by external production company Pan Entertainment, said that she did not consider the content to be controversial, and claimed it was an accurate representation of the situation.

“Our report is based on the facts that we found as we were covering the story and it strictly reported on the present situation. We have made it clear that it only reflected the few,” she said, adding that she was concerned about the potential harm to the image of Korean women.

“We have not revealed the races of the men we talked to and we tried our best not to reveal the areas that it was filmed. We only tried to show that there is a difference in culture and I hope that there is no more misunderstanding.”

Last, but not least, R.M. Adamson posted a very good post on the whole mess at Three Wise Monkeys—be sure to read it in its entirety.

Just to make some comments of my own, like Roboseyo, I think things have gotten much better, and I try to have a sense of humor about these things. MBC president Kim Jae-chul probably has more pressing issues at hand, too. Still, the MBC segment in question was so over-the-top—and its objectives so unclear—that an apology from somebody at MBC is in order. I do think MBC will eventually issue some sort of statement if they get enough phone calls and/or somebody like the WSJ’s Korea Real Time picks up the story. As for the production company itself, they seem pretty clueless—I’d be keen to here them explain just what they think that “difference in culture” is—so don’t expect much from them.

Hide the women and children!

Or at least the women—check out this hard-hitting piece of investigative journalism by MBC.

One can only hope An Seon-yeong watches all this before it’s too late.

See? It’s not yellow fever. We’re just hard wired this way.

So says the Department of Psychology at Cardiff University:

Scientists have discovered that white people tend to choose other races when asked to rate which faces they find most attractive.

The scientists discovered that white men prefer the facial features of Asian women while white women go for the faces of black men.

Or as the Daily Mail put it: “Why white men are more attracted to women with Asian faces: Humans are hardwired to fancy other races.”

The parts of the study quoted deal exclusively with the preferences of white men and women; I’d be keen to see what the results were for men and women of other races, too.

(HT to the Seoul Shinmun)

Black English teacher has sex with Korean girl, posts video online, gets Netizens pissed

The Adventures of 흑퀸시

The netizens are astir after a 26-year-old African-American English teacher at an “English village” in Daejeon uploaded onto an Internet site a video of him having sex with a Korean woman.

According to the English village, the teacher — who reportedly operated online under the nickname Quincy Black (흑퀸시) — was fired Thursday after it was discovered he uploaded the video onto an overseas website in late August. The video has since been deleted, but it and screen captures are reportedly spreading around cyberspace.

The teacher taught elementary school kids English for 20 hours a week starting in May of last year.

An official from the village said the teacher had the E-2 visa needed to teach, and they had no problems with him. They also noted that criminal charges were up to those involved, such as the woman in the video.

According to the Hanguk Ilbo, the teacher will be leave the country tomorrow.

Needless to say, the boys at DCInside are having a bit of fun.

According to the Kukmin Ilbo, 흑퀸시 is suspected of selling the video to overseas porn sites, as the video appears to have been edited.

(HT to cm)

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