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Han Sung-joo saga moves to LA County Superior Court

Han Sung-joo—whom we very much like here at The Marmot’s Hole—is suing her ex-boyfriend in the United States.

Korean entertainment site Dispatch got a hold of the complaint, and boy, it’s seriously ugly.

What I don’t get is this. According to reports last week, she’d already lost in a suit raised in California. The court through out her complain for lack of evidence, and according to reports, even asked her to pay the court fees. So what the heck is this case?

Worst. Breakup. Ever.

Christ, the Han Sung-joo saga just keeps getting worse.

Ex-boyfriend Chris Xsu continues to go to the press with, well, read it yourself.

The official Marmot’s Hole position on this unfortunate matter remains that Han Sung-joo is still hot. I might also add that even if what Mr. Xsu claims is true, his subsequent behavior has led me to feel such treatment might not have been completely unwarranted.

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