Kim Tong-hyung writes in the Korea Times that Moon Jae-in is all about diversity –as long as you’re heterosexual.

Democratic United Party (DUP) candidate Moon Jae-in promotes himself as a champion of diversity and laments how discrimination against minorities supposedly accelerated under the conservative Lee Myung-bak government.

But in an off-the-radar move, the self-styled pro-human-rights presidential candidate has veered off the path, pledging his full commitment toward preventing same-sex marriages from being legalized in Korea, a blatant bid to curry favor with the country’s powerful Christian groups.

Hahn Chae-yoon, president of the civic group Korean Sexual-Minority Culture and Rights Center slammed Moon and his definition of what constitutes “people.”

“Moon is a presidential candidate who chose the slogan that `people come first.’ And he is now letting politics shape his definition of who should be regarded as people.’’

Well, at least the issue is being discussed (artistic interpretations aside) on the executive level of political discourse. I hope that both candidates are pressed by the media about their stance on homosexuality in the ROK. It’s a discussion worth having.

On a side note, something of which I was not aware; if you have gender reassignment in Korea you can officially alter your documentation to match your chosen gender.