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Park Tae-joon Passes On

Quite a coincidence really, i was just at dinner with some K friends and we started talking about the old days, and because they were of the older generation so I knew that they would know what I was speaking of, I told them of how I used to work for POSCO back in the dramatic year 1987, and met Park Tae-joon several times in various adventures; had not told those stories in years, it just came-up. Then I come home and find out that he died today at 84…. R.I.P.

I consider him one of the great men of Korea’s late-20th-Century industrial development, accomplished something truly amazing, with few peers (include POSTECH in that, too). He got involved in politics in the early 90s, probably never should have; but it doesn’t really tarnish his legacy. I admired him, felt honored to have worked there, still think of him as one of the really good leaders of that era. Don’t think i’m anywhere near alone on that…

If there is a tomb by next spring, I will visit it.

Skills? . . .

The NY Times reports on the lack of faith Koreans are experiencing with their president.  I guess the Ministry of Finance needs to put together a PR team for Korea as well as the foreign press.

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