Politically, I subscribe to something akin to the “Seamless Garment,” so a big fan of capital punishment I am not.

That said, if you’re going to have capital punishment on the books—and Korea does—I can think of few people more deserving than this monster, who was just sentenced to life in the pen.

Despite the fact that the country hasn’t executed anyone since 1998, the death penalty enjoys wide support in Korea. President-elect Park Geun-hye supports it, too, and her dad was such a big fan of it that he once had eight people executed for sedition just 18 hours after their sentencing.

Anyway, the family of Wu’s victim aren’t happy:

The victim’s family expressed anger at the court, saying such a “demon” like Wu deserved capital punishment, but judges were too lenient.

“We don’t understand why the state should spend valuable taxpayers’ money on keeping him in a prison,” a family member told reporters.

Like I did in the title of the post, I ask, why even have the death penalty if you’re not going to use it on a guy who raped, murdered and then dismembered a young woman with the likely intent of selling her flesh for human consumption?