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When you gotta go, you gotta go

In Jeonju, a man (Mr. A), his girlfriend (Ms. B), another woman (Ms. C) and her friend have been arrested on battery charges, reports the Seoul Shinmun.

Ms. C was at a bar when she really, really needed to use the toilet. So she and her friend went to the lady’s room, only to find it already occupied. Needing to go in a bad way, she knocked on the door, but occupant—or in this case, occupants—wouldn’t come out. Instead, she heard a strange sound. Angry, she yelled for them to come out.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Mr. A and his woman were in the throes of passion. Angry that Ms. C had disturbed them just as things were getting hot, they exited the bathroom and got into a tussle with Ms. C and her friend. It started as just an argument, but Mr. A eventually grabbed C’s hair and assaulted her, and all four ended up in a scrum.

Police were called and the four were brought in. Ms. C apparently told police she did grab Mr. A’s girlfriend’s hair, but Ms. B beat her, too, while Mr. A said he didn’t get involved in the fight, and only tried to break it up.

Jutaek more dangerous than apartments; neighborhoods with lots of one-person households, foreigners have lots of crime

A research team has analyzed the impact residential environment plays on crime rates. reports the Herald Gyeongje.

Taking the crime rates for six major crimes over the last three years in 16 dong in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, the team found that those who live in ilban jutaek are more exposed to crime than those who live in apartments.

They believe this due to the access controls found in apartments such as security guards. Apartments tend to be far from places like bars and entertainment establishments, too.

The study also found that neighborhoods with lots of single-person households and foreigners are more dangerous, too. They warned, however, that we shouldn’t necessarily take this to mean that they are dangerous because these people commit a lot crimes. Since most foreigners and single-person homes are “outsiders,” they can become criminals, but they are also likely to be victims, they said.

Court orders first chemical castration

If you’re going to chemically castrate someone, I suppose a 30-year-old barista who not only raped five teenage girls, but also filmed the rapes to threaten the girls with later makes as good a candidate as any:

In a landmark ruling, a Seoul court on Thursday sentenced a 31-year-old pedophile to 15 years in prison and ordered that he be subject to hormonal treatment that suppresses sexual impulses for three years.

It marks the first time that the court has ordered the measure since a bill passed last July that allows hormonal treatment, or “chemical castration,” for convicted child molesters over 19 years of age who are at risk of repeating their crimes against minors under the age of 16.

The defendant, only known by his surname Pyo, was charged with having sex with five teenagers whom he met through a smartphone chat service six times between November 2011 and May 2012. Pyo then threatened to circulate online video footage of them engaged in sexual acts and nude photos of the minors, and also raped them by threatening them with deadly weapons.

From what I gather from the Korean-language article, the perp has to consent to the objection.

Child molesters getting probation thanks to settlements with parents

And in your WTF legal moment of the week, the Dong-A Ilbo complains that child molesters are getting probation because the parents reach deals with their children’s assailants.

In one case, the 70-something headquarters VP of a group for the disabled operated by a religious group was given four years probation for repeatedly molesting the 12-year-old daughter of one of a disabled man he was caring for. He allegedly molested one of her friends, too.

The worst part about this is that when she filed a complaint against her attacker, her own father got her to retract it, telling her that the attacker had raised a counter-complaint and that he’d go to jail if she didn’t say she’d made a mistake. The father did this after the attacker cut off financial support for the family. The police, much to their credit, indicted the attacker anyway for molesting a minor, a crime you don’t need a complaint for.

In sentencing the cretin, Seoul South District Court said the attacker should be punished sternly since not only did he molest a 12-year-old, but he’d also denied the charges and failed to show remorse. The victim, however, did not want the attacker punished, it was his first crime, and he was old and vision-impaired. So instead of prison time, he got four years probation. In August, a Seoul court gave a 71-year-old guy three years probation for molesting a 16-year-old boy.

This wasn’t the only such case. In December, the head of a taekwondo school in Jeju-do got three years of probation for habitually molesting 8-year-old girls because he’d settled with the parents.

And in your legal WTF moment of the day…

So… a guy in his 40s is running a photo studio.

He uses a timer to photograph female students for their ID photos.

Now, I use a timer—well, exposure delay—to minimize camera shake on landscape shots since my remote is broken. This guy, however, used it to sneak behind the girl, lower his pants, and get a shop of him, his mini-me and the girl all together.

He provided the girls with regular photos, and saved his more artistic shots separately.

He took hundreds of these shots beginning from last year.

In May, he was indicted for violating child protection laws, but according to the Seoul Shinmun, an appeals court recently found him innocent.

Why, you ask? Because there’s apparently no law for what he did.

You see, the perv was charged with producing indecent material using a minor. The law, however, requires a subject that looks like a minor engaging in a sexual act. What we have here, Seoul High Court ruled, is just a guy exposing parts of his body near a minor without their knowledge.

And this was actually a step up—the appeal court at least agreed to hear the case. The lower court through out the indictment because the charges were specific enough.

Will parents get jail time for foreign school chicanery?

Prosecutors in Incheon are or will be asking for prison time for 47 schools school parents indicted on charges of illegally entering their children into international schools using forged documents such as fake passports.

Many of the parents being investigated are from Korea’s elite, including the daughter-in-law of a jaebeol family and the niece-in-law of a prime minister.

Experts think prosecutors will have a hard time getting prison sentences, though, since many of the suspects are first-time offenders and it’s hard to prove intent.

Given the public anger generated by this incident regarding the rich’s antisocial and unethical behavior, however, some experts think it’s possible the parents will be punished sternly.

The court will reportedly sentence the suspects as a group once arguments have concluded.

Man rapes mentally handicapped kid, walks on appeal because he shows regret

In an appeal decision, a Seoul High Court bench recently let a 54-year-old man convicted of sexually assaulting a mentally handicapped 15-year-old girl walk on parole because, well, he regretted what he did.

The attack happened in May when the guy gave the girl a lift in Gapyeong. He brought her to his home and sexually assaulted her.

In the first trial, the court handed the guy a three-year sentence. In its ruling, the court said the defendant’s crime was particularly heinous because the girl was just 15 and mentally handicapped.

Seoul High Court, however, is apparently composed of more sympathetic sorts. They felt the defendant was not fully aware of the girl’s age and mental condition when he committed the crime. The bench explained that the man immediately felt bad about what he did; after hugging her out of sympathy, crying and washing her with warm water (something less empathetic justices might misinterpret as “destroying evidence,” as noted by some Segye Ilbo commenters), he dropped her off near her home, giving us an idea of the circumstances of the crime. The girl’s mother, impressed by the devotion and effort of the defendant’s wife, submitted a plea for leniency to the court (another WTF element to this story), and the defendant showed regret and atonement throughout the court of his confinement and trial. Or so the bench noted.

Thank God for the judge that he didn’t post anything nasty about the president on Facebook, or else he’d really be up shit’s creek.

Now, I’ve never seen sites like Youporn or Redtube, and certainly not Hegre Art, where the high quality of photography more than makes up for the over-reliance on admittedly pretty but skinny Eastern European models. Or so I’ve been told. Nevertheless, I can’t imagine any of those sites have anywhere near as harmful an impact on sex crime rates as rulings like this.

Chinese pissed off after Korean kids let go after robbing convenience store

In case you haven’t seen it already:

On Thursday, 30 student tourists from South Korea walked into a Good Neighbor convenience store in Beijing’s Chaoyang District and walked out with 1,700 yuan’s worth of snacks, cigarettes, and alcohol — without paying.

The cashier, Ms. Huang, told local media, ”I was busy doing check-out, when I looked up, the shelves were empty, and goods were scattered and stepped on all over the floor.” She described the kids as tall males who were making a racket. “I was terribly scared at the time,” she said. “But now, after the fact, I’ve thought about it, and they’re all kids, so that’s that.”

But is that really that? After Ms. Huang called the cops, locals surrounded the students’ bus, not letting them leave.

A little mob justice never hurt anyone.

Read the rest on your own.

(HT to reader)

Doesn’t the use of the present progressive suggest they haven’t done so already?

That’s what came to mind when I read this headline.


Gay dude with HIV booked for molesting cab driver: Seoul Sinmun

And now for something completely different, police in Masan have booked a 47-year-old dude for molesting a male taxi driver in his cab.

The dude in question got in the cab in question at 4:30am—and nothing ever good happens at 4:30am. Telling the 45-year-old cabby he was “his style,” he touched particular parts of the cabby’s body several times.

Or so he is accused.

A police investigation revealed the dude, a homosexual, contracted HIV five years ago.

Oh come on, how many times have you ever read a headline that goes, “택시기사 집적거린 에이즈 감염 동성애자 입건”?

No more “I was drunk” defense for rapes

“I was drunk” will no longer get you a reduced sentence in rape cases:

The Supreme Court yesterday confirmed the original verdict at an appeals hearing for a 42-year-old sex offender surnamed Gwak, sentencing him to seven years in prison and that he be listed on the online sex offender registry for five years following his release from prison for rape.
Gwak appealed to the Supreme Court, saying that the previous trials were unfair because they excluded his drinking excuse when deciding the sentence.

Gwak also said it is unfair that the courts deprived him of a chance to reach an out-of-court settlement with the victim.

In another case, a court in Gwangju actually increased the sentence of another cretin who cited his drunkenness in his appeal.

This seems to be a cause to celebrate. Still, the news ain’t all good. A Seoul Court recently fined a man who was charged with beating and knocking out a noraebang girl after she refused to stay in a hotel with him. He put the unconscious girl in his car and drove around the Seoul/Gyeonggi-do area for several hours before dropping her off at the hospital. In sentencing him to a fine rather than prison, the judge said it was the assailant’s first crime, he did what he did because he was momentarily upset, and that he confined the woman in order to deal with the situation, not commit another crime. The judge also said the man had lost his job over the incident, and if he were sentenced to a suspended prison sentence, he would face serious disadvantages in getting a job.

As I Tweeted at the time, this is why judges get shot with arrows.

Police searching for suspect after English teacher sexually assaulted by taxi driver in Gwangju

The Kukmin Ilbo (and others) are reporting that police are investigating after a 22-year-old American women reported she was sexually assaulted by a tax driver last night.

According to Gwangju’s Seobu Police Station and Gwangsan Police Station, the young woman said she was assaulted in the taxi, which she took from in front of a hospital in Gwangsan-gu, and dumped in an empty lot.

Having lost her phone, she returned to her home in Seo-gu and called her Korean friend, after which either she or her friend called 112.

Police tracked her phone to the Hanam Industrial Complex in Gwangsan-gu. They are now looking for the suspect based on the victim’s testimony and CCTV footage.

On the police blotter…

Some interesting and/or amusing crime and punishment-related incidents in the news recently.

Attempted rapist pleads drunkenness in appeal, gets HEAVIER sentence

In Gwangju, a court sentenced a 20-something man convicted of attempted sexual assault to seven years in prison after the cretin appealed his original sentence of five years, pleading he was in a weakened mental state because he was drunk.

The court also ordered his ID be published for 20 years and that he wear a tracking anklet.

In its decision, the court ruled that while he failed in the assault, the victim suffered great physical and psychological pain.

The guy attempted to sexually assault an 18-year-old girl in a lot in Gunsan in July.

Interestingly enough, both he and the prosecutors appealed the original decision.

I oppose the death penalty for moral reasons. Some asshats make it real hard, though.

Some segments of the public are upset after an appeals court reduced Korean-Chinese killer and all-around evil dude Oh Won-chun’s sentence from death to life in prison.

In particular, rumors are going around that due to his foreign nationality, he might serve his sentence in Cheonan’s unique foreigner prison, which some netizens liken to a luxury hotel.

The Herald Gyeongje reports, however, that Oh will most likely spend the rest of his life in the foreigner block of Daejeon Prison, the place of detention of many of the Korean correctional system’s long-time residents of foreign birth. The Cheonan prison is mostly for more low-level offenders.

The Crazy and the Stupid: The police have better things to do

A 22-year-old man was booked in Seodaemun was booked for obstructing official duties after he sent a text to his girlfriend that he couldn’t answer the phone because he was being chased by unknown assailants.

The text, which kicked off a three-hour search by about 30 cops, was a ruse to cover up the real reason he couldn’t answer—he was doing some late-night drinking with his workmates.

The poor sod told police he did what he did because he was afraid his girlfriend would be angry.

Meanwhile, in Bukhansan National Park, police and military launched a three-hour search Thursday morning after a woman called police saying she discovered a North Korean spy while she was praying atop one of the park’s peaks.

They found nothing. Not surprising, either, as the woman told police that she’d been followed by somebody who appeared to be a North Korean spy for the previous four days—God had shown her the face of a spy, she said, and it was the face of the guy who was following her.

Police don’t buy her story and plan to close the case. Surprisingly, the woman heads a conservative women’s group.

Something to consider next time you try to force your tongue down some girl’s throat

I love local papers—such a treasure trove of information.

The Gyeongin Ilbo—the daily paper of the Incheon—Gyeonggi-do region—recently ran an interesting piece on a young woman whom prosecutors declined to indict after she bit off a good chunk of the tongue of a guy who tried to forcefully kiss her.

I certainly welcome the prosecutors’ decision to recognize a woman’s right to defend herself against sexually assault, and far be if for me to blame the victim, but I do wonder about some of the decision-making here.

The 22-year-old woman was in a taxi at 1am, going off somewhere to drink alone. The 54-year-old taxi driver suggested they drink together, and off they went to drink, apparently at the taxi driver’s home.

At 6am, however, she began to feel threatened, and while the taxi driver was momentarily off doing something, she locked the door of the room. After the driver broke the door and entered, he began touching her and tried to forcefully kiss her.

Bad move, because when he did, she bit off a third of his tongue.

He now has a speech impediment and is less able to do his work.

Police charged the woman with causing grievous bodily injury and the taxi driver with attempted rape and handed the matter to prosecutors.

Prosecutors decided to ask the general public whether they thought a victim could claim self-defense even if she seriously injured her attacker, so they put together a committee composed of nine members of the public. The committee decided that if the authorities did not allow women to aggressively defend themselves when threatened with sexual assault, it could lead to even greater dangers.

And with that, prosecutors decided not to indict, saying they needed to guarantee to the greatest extent possible the right of victims of sexual assault to defend themselves.

Prosecutors did indict the driver for attempted rape. They also provided the victim with psychological treatment and gave her an emergency pager with a tracking device just in case the driver attempted to get revenge.

Cops having affair injured after jumping from 5th floor of hotel

A male police superintendent and female police sergeant—both in their 30s—were injured after they jumped from a 5th floor hotel window rather than be discovered by a prosecutor who tailed them to the hotel.

The two cops are married. Just not to each other.

According to the Kyunghyang Shinmun, the prosecutors are coming under fire here for tailing the love birds in the first place. Prosecutors usually investigate serious cases of official corruption, not adultery.

The prosecutors, however, are defending themselves, saying adultery harms the dignity of civil servants, and that they plan to punish the couple after getting the facts.

Well, since you ask, no, I don’t think you’ve paid enough

God may have forgiven you, but everyone else still thinks you’re an asshole:

A convict said he raped a young stepdaughter as part of her sex education.

“When she grows up, she will have sex with… I wanted to tell her about the birds and bees in advance. It was a kind of sex education,” said the man who is serving a six-year sentence for the rape.
A consultant participating in the rehabilitation program said he was embarrassed when the convict told him that “I have already received due punishment as I served five of a six-year term as of today. God forgave me. Haven’t I paid enough for what I did?”

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