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Comfort Women statue sparks competing White House petitions

We mentioned Tony Marano’s petion at the White House earlier. Now it seems somebody has started a counter-petition:

On Saturday, a blogger identified with initial S.H. submitted a petition to counter Marano’s claim, asking for the protection of the monument.

In the petition, the initiator said, “The Peace Monument is symbolizing the victims of sexual slavery by the Japanese imperial military during World War II. And we have to know history correctly.”

So far, the petition has received more than 200 signatures.

You can find the petition here.

Personally, I think petitions are a waste of time, but anything that counters Tony Marano’s asshatery is probably worth doing. LA’s CBS affiliate described Marano’s Youtube video thusly:

The petition was started by a Texas man by the name of Tony Marano. On his YouTube channel, he states, “these women were recruited and they volunteered to serve in these comfort women houses for the Japanese Imperial Army.”

Yes, he did say that. But that’s not all he said. I hate to link to this reprehensible douchebag’s video again, but it really deserves its own Two Minutes Hate—scroll to about 55 seconds in. As a matter of theology, I don’t really believe in hell, but if I did, I’d like to believe anyone who goes on video to call the victims of gang rape by the Imperial Japanese Army “ugly prostitutes” has a place reserved for him in Damnation.

New York state passes Comfort Women resolution as Japanese email campaign backfires

Two weeks after it was first introduced, the New York State Senate unanimously passed a resolution recognizing the pain and suffering of the Comfort Women.

This is the second state legislative body to adopt such a resolution. The California State Assembly adopted one in 1999.

You can read the resolution below:

Comfort by

Here’s a press conference by Queens lawmaker Sen. Tony Avella, who sponsored the resolution. He mentions the email campaign by certain Japanese elements, which predictably backfired:

Palisades Park comfort woman statue vandalism a hate crime? Really?

The Hankyoreh, quoting Palisades Park city council chairman Jong Chul Lee, reports that police are investigating five members of a Japanese right-wing group for the Oct 27 desecration of a comfort women memorial.

The Hani also notes that if the suspects are arrested, they could be charged with a hate crime. Palisades Park mayor James Rotundo reportedly called it a hate crime, and “most experts” apparently share his opinion. An official with a Korean group in Palisades Park said the dominant opinion was that the incident was, at the very least, vandalism, but it was close to be a hate crime when you consider the historical relationship between Korea and Japan.

The Korean American Voters’ Council’s Kim Dong-suk said the statue was property of the US government, erected through the power of American citizens including the Korean-American community, and the attack was reckless criminal act attacking American citizens. He said punishing the offenders was important, but they also needed to hold the Japanese government, which is distorting and denying history, to account in the name of American civic society.

Senator Bob Menendez (D, NJ) took some time off from (allegedly) banging hookers in the Dominican Republic to offer a couple of words about the comfort women statue attack as well.

Japanese rightwing asshat defaces New Jersey comfort women memorial

And in Palisades Park:

A Korean civic group says a memorial dedicated to the memory of women forced into sexual slavery during World War II was defaced on Friday.

The group, Korean American Civic Empowerment (KACE) said in a statement that the “comfort women” memorial was “defiled with a stake by an unidentified perpetrator.” Police were notified and are conducting an investigation, the statement said.

Why yes, it appears to be the work of Nobuyuki Suzuki, the guy who tied a stake to the comfort women memorial in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul earlier this year. You’ve got to give the fucker credit—at least he’s persistent.

Also on the New Jersey front, Bergen County is planning to erect its own comfort women memorial:

Officials announced over the weekend that a memorial to Korean “comfort women” — who were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese soldiers during WWII — will be placed outside the Bergen County courthouse.

The monument, paying tribute to the estimated 200,000 victims of the practice, will be placed inside the county’s “Ring of Honor,” which includes memorials for the Holocaust, Armenian Genocide and the Irish “Great Hunger.”

New Jersey is famous for tomatoes, smokestacks, auto theft and, of course, Kalmuck Mongolian Buddhist Center.

Build a big Comfort Woman statue at the National Assembly: US congressman

Rep. Mike Honda and Rep. Eni Faleomavaega visited the “House of Sharing” in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do on Monday.

While they were there, Rep. Eni Faleomavaega reportedly said the Comfort Woman statue in front of the Japanese embassy was so small as to be offensive, and that the Korean government should build a big one at the National Assembly.

Honda and Faleomavaega—who pushed the 2007 Congressional measure condemning Japan’s mobilization of the Comfort Women—apparently visit the House of Sharing every time they come to Korea.

Wanna buy a ‘Takeshima belongs to Japan’ stake?

Nobuyuki Suzuki, everybody’s favorite Japanese right-wing ASSHAT, is apparently selling “Takeshima belongs to Japan” stakes at his blog:

A Japanese right-wing extremist is selling stakes on the Internet similar to the one he tied to a memorial statue of a comfort woman in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul on June 18.

Nobuyuki Suzuki, 47, said on his blog that he is selling stakes with the slogan “Takeshima (Dokdo in Korean) belongs to Japan” for 3,000 yen each and 2,500 yen each when customers buy two or more. He is operating a podcast.

500 yen off if I buy two or more? That, readers, is the business acumen that made Japan the economic powerhouse it is today.

Anyway, the ASSHAT also mentioned the guy who recently attempted a short cut through the Japanese embassy’s security by driving his truck through the front gate:

He referred to the incident where a truck driver, 61, crashed into the Japanese embassy building in revenge for the stake as a “manifestation of the shameful behavior of the Korean government to the world.” He boasted, “This is what I intended.”

Go to an ex-colony, call women gang-raped by the Imperial Japanese Army whores, and then watch people get angry. Brilliant!

Meanwhile, in the United States, the Japanese continue to protest the Comfort Women memorials erected in New Jersey and Long Island:

The Japanese government has ordered its diplomats in the U.S. to step up efforts to block the erection of monuments here for Korean women forced to serve as sex slaves for Japan’s imperialist troops during World War II, a source said Tuesday.

Japan’s foreign ministry has “directed its Consul General in New York to actively protest monuments to comfort women being erected by Korean-American groups here,” said the Nelson Report, a private information service provider based in Washington.

Its claim has not been formally confirmed. Responding to Yonhap News Agency’s inquiry on the matter, the Japanese Embassy in Washington said it would take some time to provide a formal answer.

Maybe the consulate can send out the same guys they sent out last time—that was entertaining.. and oh, so effective.

Last week a reader sent me some photos of the monument in Nassau County; I haven’t gotten permission yet to post them, but here are some other photos at the website of the Korean American Public Affairs Committee, which helped erect the memorial. What I didn’t know before seeing the pictures is that Gwangju Metropolitan Government was apparently involved, too. In fact, Gwangju mayor Kang Un-tae flew all the way to Long Island to attend the dedication.

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