According to the DailyNK (via the Maeil Gyeongje), North Korea has once again banned women from riding bicycles, just five months after lifting the original ban.

According to a source in the North Korean border town of Hoeryeong, police have already begun patrols to enforce the ban, which extends to women riding on the back of bicycles, too.

Prior to the lifting of the ban, women caught on bicycles were subject to 2,000—5,000 won fines. Now, their bikes are being unconditionally confiscated (Marmot’s Note: Well, you need to get metal for missile parts from somewhere), leading to much grumbling from locals.

The North Koreans have banned women from riding bikes—calling it a violation of good socialist customs—since the 1990s. The authorities reportedly don’t like the flapping skirts. The ban is expected to be quite burdensome, however, as North Koreans have few other transportation options.

Marmot’s Hole: I’m sorry, all I can think of is Dutch football fans chanting “Give me back my bike” during matches against Germany.

OK, the other thing I’m thinking about is the irony of early 20th century Americans associating the Soviet Union with sexual promiscuity, only to find that the Soviets were even more prudish than they were.