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N. Korea moves long-range guns across from Baengnyeongdo

Oh, those crafty North Koreans—the Dong-A Ilbo, quoting military sources, reports that North Korea has deployed long-range 170mm self-propelled artillery and 240mm multiple rocket launchers to inland distracts of Jangyon and Yongyon counties, just across from Baengyeongdo and just outside of South Korean artillery range.

The 170mm guns and 240mm MRLs are usually attached to the KPA 4th Corps and based in Kangnyong, Yeonan and Chongdan, where they are tasked with hitting the Seoul and Incheon areas in the event of an emergency.

The ranges on those guns are 24—54km and 40—65km, respectively. The range for South Korea’s K-9 guns on Baengnyeongdo is 40km, while the Guryong MRLs have a range of 36km. This means if North Korea hits Baengnyeongdo with its long-range guns, Baengnyeongdo’s defenders will be unable to hit them back.

Anyway, the South Korean military does not view North Korea’s deployment of long-range guns near Baengnyeongdo to be a good sign. The ranges on those guns are much longer than the ones used to hit Yeonpyeongdo in 2010. The fact that Kim Jong-un has recently made several visits to West Sea artillery units supports analysis that North Korea may launch a provocation at Baengnyeongdo.

South Korea to get medieval on North’s ass: Dong-A Ilbo

OK, the Dong-A Ilbo didn’t say that exactly, but they got downright North Korea-esque in their headline, “Self-propelled artillery to belch fire if North launches provocation… command posts to be turned to ash by jet fighters.”

To sum up, if North Korea uses its coastal guns to attack somewhere like Baengnyeongdo, they’re gonna get a hurtin’. The South Koreans will first use their 20 K-9 pieces on Yeongpyeongdo and Baengnyeongdo, 130mm Multiple Rocket Launchers and 155mm towed artillery to rain fire on the offending artillery unit.

If North Korea persists, South Korea would commence the second stage of its retaliations by going after support and command units. ROKAF F-15s and F-16s would launch surgical strikes against command units in the rear such as the headquarters of the KPA 4th Corps, while the ROK Navy would put destroyers in the West Sea to guard against further provocations.

The ROK military is also ready for attempts by the North Koreans to land special forces on the West Sea islands in a bid to occupy them. The ROK military believes the North has plans to use air-cushioned vehicles to take over the islands within 30 minutes of crossing the NLL. South Korea has got Cobra gunships on Baengnyeongdo for just such an occasion.

A high-ranking military official told the Dong-A that it has more the quadrupled the amount of firepower its got on the West Sea islands and rewritten the rules of engagement since the Yeonpyeongdo incident. This time, the South would get proper vengeance if the North launches a provocation. Military experts, however, say it’s difficult to say who’s on top in the West Sea, with the North ahead quantitatively but the South ahead qualitatively.

And on a related note… hey, G’Na! Get off those flags!

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