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North Korean Assassin Tools

A North Korean assassin tool for backshootersCNN has an interesting video report of the assassin tools that were confiscated from a North Korean agent that was attempting to meet defector and anti-North Korea activist, Park Sang-hak, so as to kill him.  The stealthy weapons include several poison pens and a flashlight that hold three bullets, tipped with poison.  What strikes me as odd is that the assassin was given four years in jail and ordered to pay 11.75 million won ($10,399) in fines by a South Korean court for his part in this assassination attempt.  Much thanks to Cory Doctorow for this link.

The video link is here.

The Return of The Backshooter

Per Bloomberg and Yonhap, South Korean authorities have concluded that the Chonan was sunk by a North Korean torpedo.

… South Korean military intelligence, partly backed by the U.S., indicates North Korea fired a torpedo from a submarine to tear apart the 1,200-ton patrol ship on March 26, the Seoul-based agency said today.

Perhaps now the South Korean public will clearly understand the reality of its situation and China — North Korea’s number one enabler — should be held accountable for this.

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