An emailer writes:

I’m an English teacher in Gwangju and I’m considering grad school ( in political economy) at Chonnam National or one of the “SKY” schools. According to your bio you went to grad school here, so I was just wondering about the following: 1) What did you study? 2) How was the Korean grad school experience? 3) How useful has your degree been in Korea, and 4) how useful do you think a MA from a Korean university would be outside of the Korea?

Well, to answer the questions in the order they were given:

1) Northeast Asian Studies;
2) Interesting;
3) Didn’t get the degree, so couldn’t really say;
4) I think that would depend on what you were studying. If you’re planning to work in a Korea-related field, I’d imagine an MA from a Korean university might help. My own personal opinion is that if you want a purely academic experience, you’re better off studying Korean Studies outside of Korea in someplace like the United States, but if you’re looking for the intangibles you can only learn in-country, Korea’s the place to be.

I’m sure my readers, however, will be happy to share their more informed opinions on the matter.