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And over at my photo Tumblr…

Some photos of mountains, old colonial-era buildings, southern landscapes, and Seoul’s Seochon district.


Great timelapse video of Seoul

Found this the other day on Vimeo:

TIMELAPSE – Fantastic SEOUL from Mr.Koo on Vimeo.

I believe I’ve met the photographer before on a rooftop somewhere.

Bukchon on a rainy day

I’ve posted to my Tumblr some photos of Bukchon Hanok Village I took around lunchtime yesterday.


Photos of Samgwangsa Temple, Busan

For your viewing enjoyment, I’ve posted some shots of Busan’s Samgwangsa Temple I took Sunday evening.

The lanterns should be up until tomorrow evening.

My Guryongsan pics

And at my Tumblr blog, I’ve posted some shots of Seoul at night taken from the peak of Gangnam’s Mt. Guryongsan.

Some shots of Seoul Station, Mt. Namsan, Hangang River

Over at my Tumblr, I’ve got some shots taken over the last couple of evenings at Seoul Station, Mt. Namsan and the Hangang River.

Awesome photo from Key Resolve

Came across this Reuters/Yonhap photo taken last month during the Korea—US Key Resolve exercise while at the office yesterday.

Cherry blossoms in Yeouido

For your viewing pleasure, I posted a shot of Yeouido’s cherry blossoms I took last night at my Tumblr photoblog.

Spring flowers

For your viewing enjoyment, I’ve posted some photos of cherry blossoms and a very nice Insa-dong teahouse at my Tumblr photoblog.

Links of note, including MUST READ story on the K-pop machine

- MUST READ: Stephanie Wood penned a wonderful story on the great K-pop machine. Here’s just a sample:

American-born Nathan McMurray, 37, a long-term Seoul resident and lawyer who has a Korean wife and who blogs about Korean culture, remembers a time when things were different. “What we have today is not what existed 10 years ago in Korea,” he says. “When I first came to Korea, we had independent acts that worked their way up … just like any other music scene. Older Korean music was subversive, it had challenging messages … and it was moving.” Does K-pop last? No, says McMurray. “It’s confectionery. It’s candy. It’s something that tastes good for two seconds, then you’re sorry you ate it.”

SBS PopAsia host Jamaica dela Cruz might choose to pick a fight with naysayers like McMurray. For her, there’s nothing wrong with the manufactured nature of K-pop. “It’s showbiz, babe,” says dela Cruz. “Dress up for me, give me costumes and she-bam! It’s entertainment, so entertain!”

– If you haven’t already seen them, check out these photos of Seoul in the Guardian by Mike Beech, one of the guys who runs online magazine Chincha.

– Dennis Rodman apparently thought Kim Jong-un was a swell guy. UPDATE: This is the best commentary on the Rodman visit I’ve read:

In the 30s, serious intellectuals traveled to the Soviet Union to hail it as the future of humanity. In the 60s and 70s, writers, actors & other assorted glitterati went to Cuba to be schmoozed by El Jefe. And now North Korea has hauled in…a retired basketball player with a penchant for shock publicity. The quality of useful idiots is on a definite downward trajectory.

– The wife and I went to Bukhansan National Park this weekend. Oh, and we took in yesterday’s sunrise from Mt. Ansan, too. See the Tumblr.

Mt. Ansan sunrise

I’ve posted a couple of shots I took this morning on Seoul’s Mt. Namsan to my Tumblr.

In case the North Korean nuke test has got you down…

I’ve posted some shots taken (mostly) in the Ikseon-dong district, a neighborhood of old hanok homes near Insa-dong.

If you do find yourself in the area, be sure to visit Tteuran, one of my favorite tea shops.

The other other hanok village

Everyone knows Bukchon, and many people know about Seochon, but few seem to know about Ikseon-dong.

I’ve also posted some shots of a snowy Gyeongbokgung Palace. Folk at Facebook seem to like this one. Personally, I like this one.

Old photos of Korea make Foreign Policy

I know we’re posted a link to these photos before, but Foreign Policy picked up on a post by Korea Bang of rare color photos of Korea around the time of the Korean War.

At this point, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the publishing company I work for, Seoul Selection, has published a coffee table book of color photographs from the Korean War (Amazon) taken by war correspondent John Rich.

Korea Bang has also posted some more color photos of Korea taken during the 60s, along with netizen reactions. You can see the entire album on Flickr here.

Speaking of photos and Foreign Policy, they’ve also got a photo essay of Instagram photos from Iran. No, it has nothing to do with Korea, but I’m something of an Iranophile, and the city of Isfahan is high up in my top 10 places to visit before I kick. Anyway, my blog.

Also on the photographic front…

Post some additional stuff at my Tumblr photo blog, for those who are interested.

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