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Mt. Samgaksan on a morning too crappy to justify waking up this early


Snowed Under

There might be no snow in Sochi (the real kind, anyway), but we got plenty in PyeongChang.

And not a topless photo of Vlad Putin in sight!


And over at my photoblog…

I’ve got photos of:

Enjoy. Or not.

Happy New Year, folks


Wishing you all the very best in 2014.

Bukchon in Winter

Lots of photos of Bukchon Hanok Village at Ye Olde Photoblog.


This also gives me a chance to play with WordPress’s new theme.

Out & About – Fig Season


Meanwhile, it is fig season here in Korea so eat a big one.

Out & About: Wild Chrysanthemums


After months of waiting, these mums finally bloom.  If anyone has some nice shots of mums, post a link.

Out & About: A Hole in One

REUTERS/Jacquelyn Martin

REUTERS/Jacquelyn Martin

Note: This photo was so cute I had to post it – Jung Ha-yoon, 2, is pictured in 옹기, while playing with other children during the Royal and Aristocrat’s Traditional Food Festival held at Unhyeon Palace (운현궁), Seoul October 1, 2013.

Out & About – Chusok Photo


A 호랑이나비 from around the 성산산성 (Seongsan Mountain Fortress) today.

Regular posting to restart from tonight

UPDATE: The good news: GTA V has been released in Korea. The bad news: be prepared to wait in line.

ORIGINAL POST: Sorry for the lack of activity here over the last week.

With the Chuseok holiday coming, I’ve been a bit busy. But I guess you already knew that.

Anyway, there’s a lot of news to cover, and I hope to begin getting to it from this evening.

In the meantime, I’ve posted plenty of photos over at my photo blog. Not all of them completely suck. Or maybe they do.

Open Thread: Aug 24, 2013

Have a good weekend, folks.

If you are completely bored, you can take a look at some shots I took at Unhyeongung last night.

UPDATE: Lovely sunrise this morning.

Sunrise over Yeongdeok


Good morning, folks.

Today’s sunrise over a wind farm near Sunrise Park, Yeongdeok.

POSCO Steel Works, Pohang


Smart phone shot of this morning’s sunrise over POSCO steel works, Pohang.

Andong’s Dosan Seowon

Dosan Seowon, Andong

To bring a bit of cheer to this dreary, rainy day, I post a happy little smartphone pic of Andong’s Dosan Seowon, taken last Sunday. See a larger version here.

Weather Report – Rain


Someone finished their military service today. Continue reading

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