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ROK Working Towards Yet Another “Indigenous” Weapons System

Today’s KT review’s Korea’s program to develop an “indigenous” attack helicopter by 2013.  Quoting an unnamed source within The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), a feasibility study was just completed which presented the following findings:

  • The Korea Attack Helicopter (KAH) program estimated to cost between $5 billion and $10 billion and will require a foreign technology partner.
  • The KAH program aims to replace the Army’s aging fleet of AH-1S Cobra and Hughes 500MD TOW attack helicopters.
  • Recommended Seoul purchase 36 older U.S. AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters to help fill the Army’s possible operational gap before the KAH is completed around 2013 at the earliest (as reported at the MH here).
  • Foreign firms invited will be Boeing (U.S.), Sikorsky (U.S.), AgustaWestland (UK/Italian), Denel Aerospace (South Africa) and Eurocopter (Franco-German).  Eurocopter is the early favorite.

You can read the rest here.

It’s interesting that the KT would call the KAH program an “indigenous” weapons system considering that it will “require” technology from a foreign company.  According to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, indigenous means:

“… having originated in and being produced, growing, living, or occurring naturally in a particular region or environment <indigenous plants> <the indigenous culture>

Am I missing something?

ROK to Deploy “Srapnel” Gun

According to today’s Korea Times, the ROK plans to deploy a “srapnel” bullet firing rifle into the army.  Don’t ask me, it’s not my spelling.  After checking google for “srapnel” it linked directly to the KT article so it’s probably safe to assume they meant “shrapnel” bullet firing.  Well, the article corrects itself in the the first paragraph:

“South Korean Army soldiers will be able to use a new type of rifle that fires… shrapnel beginning next year, the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) said… “

Classified (tentatively) as the XK-11, it appears to be the ROK version of the American/German XM29, minus the modularity. 

Video of the new assault rifle can be found here and here.  No news yet on whether or not this weapon will be described as one developed with “indigenous technology.”

LATE NOTICE: Deathproof and Planet Terror Double Feature for Free

 2008 03 Planet-Terror-Rose-Mcgowan

I just got word, so sorry for the late notice. It’s TONIGHT.

Go to the Sponge House중앙 (near the Myeongdong Cathedral) and Death Proof’s at 6:30 while Planet Terror’s at 8:30. There are 20 seats under my name, so you have to tell ’em “the Metropolitician” sent you. Ask for Minjeong if you have any problems.

It’s so late notice, I myself might have trouble making them. But you can, so go get tix and have fun. They always want a lively audience for American films (like me!) but have trouble getting them. Help ’em out and enjoy yourself!

Are Cell Phones A Health Problem?

Recently, a world-renowned brain surgeon — Dr. Vini Khurana — declared that cell phones pose a potential greater risk of “certain brain tumors”, effectively doubling the risk of such. Per one article and another one:
. . . reviewed more than 100 studies on the effects of mobile phones (and) there is a significant and increasing body of evidence for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumours”. He believes this will be “definitively proven” in the next decade.

Though Dr. Khurarana’s paper on this topic is under peer review, another article in the Scientific American claims that “electromagnetic signals from cell phones can change one’s your brainwaves and behavior” such as inducing insomnia.

Naturally, all of this may be a problem for Korea, where the most popular gift request for Children’s Day was — a cell phone and cell phones are like water.

Some people have problems with regular phones usage, which, judging from the effect phone calls have on Sohn Hak-kyu, can cause irritability. Such, at least, can not be blamed upon “mad cow”.

Seoul’s War on Porn

The child-on-child sexual assault scandal in Daegu has prompted the government to get tough on online porn.


The government is putting together a taskforce that would force Internet portal sites and P2P businesses to block porn and other illegal information.

I guess that means no more Bangbros via eMule.

Moreover, the government is planning to spend some 234.9 billion won over the next three years for protecting Korea’s youth — this includes boosting the percentage of schools with CCTVs to 70%.

The government will also develop and provide free to school parents software to block harmful sites and limit surfing time, and force cable broadcasters to push adult programs past midnight.

What are Sexy Mong watchers to do!

All this is courtesy the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (or whatever its English name is now), which submitted a plan outlining the above to the National Assembly yesterday.

Also part of the plan is to expand real-time monitoring of porn from major portal sites like Naver, Daum and Yahoo (BTW, they really do monitor those sites well, as anyone trying to find recently released nude photos of Korean entertainers knows) to small and medium sized Internet firms.

The government also plans to formulate measures to combat the proxy viewing of overseas porn sites and the spreading of porn via blogs, cafes and bulletin boards.

So, does anyone else feel the LMB administration isn’t entirely comfortable with the Internet?

Maybe Cheong Wa Dae Should Go Linux

Hackers reportedly broke into the Cheong Wa Dae computer network in February and stole classified documents from the National Security Council (NSC). Shockingly, they used a worm that infected the desktop PC of a NSC employee.

Well, Cheong Wa Dae, it’s only one more day until Ubuntu releases version 8.04.

For Linux Folk

Just installed on my home system Kubuntu with KDE 4. It’s really quite beautiful.

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