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  • April 23 · ROK Drop
    Tweet of the Day: North Korean Condolences
    N. Korea offers condolences over S. Korean ferry victims http://t.co/dEyJilSn7N — Yonhap News Agency (@YonhapNews) April 23, 2014 (...)

  • April 23 · ROK Drop
    Picture of the Day: How To Lift A Sunken Ship
    Via Yonhap comes this graphic that shows how the sunken South Korean ferry boat will be lifted out of the ocean. (...)

  • April 23 · Gypsy Scholar
    Kim Jong-un Far, Far Younger Than Previously Believed
    Four-Year-Old Kim Jong-unNKCTKBSExperts on North Korea have debated Kim Jong-un's real age ever since he assumed power three years ago, but that debate is now over as the North's media have disclosed (...)

  • April 23 · ROK Drop
    Korean Ferry Boat Owner Has Checkered Past To Include Being Suspected of a Prior Mass Murder
    Via a reader tip comes this news that the owners of the South Korean ferry boat that recently sunk, had a checkered past to include him being investigated for mass murder: The owners of the capsized S (...)

  • April 23 · ROK Drop
    South Korean Political Figures Risk Being Pilloried Online for Anything Related to Ferry Boat Disaster
    This article in the Joong Ang Ilbo shows that anything a political figure does that could be twisted as being disrespectful to the families who lost loved ones in the ferry boat disaster will be quick (...)

  • April 23 · Gypsy Scholar
    Muslims Converting to Christianity?
    Image: Courtesy, WIGTake ResourcesChristianity TodayIn "Why Muslims Are Becoming the Best Evangelists" (Christianity Today, April 22, 2014), Timothy C. Morgan interviews career missiologist David Garr (...)

  • April 23 · ROK Drop
    Lotte To Enter Korean Domestic Alcohol Market With Its Kloud Beer
    It looks like the two domestic Korean brewers are about to have a little extra competition: Beer lovers, get ready to fill your glasses with the taste of new domestic ales and lagers – not just (...)

  • April 23 · Taki's Magazine
    So What?
    by Fred Reed I am puzzled as to why racism is thought to be a terrible thing, rather than entirely natural and often reasonable, and why people allow themselves to be browbeaten abou (...)

  • April 23 · Taki's Magazine
    Mythos and Blood
    by Steve Sailer As the years roll on through the Obama Era and the evidence accumulates that the failure of blacks to catch up has less and less to do with white racism, the American (...)

  • April 23 · One Free Korea
    N. Korea keeps it classy, calls Chair of U.N. Commission “a disgusting old lecher with 40-odd-year-long career of homosexuality”
    Last week, the Honorable Michael Kirby, a retired Justice of the High Court of Australia, and the Chairman of the U.N. Commission of Inquiry for Human Rights in North Korea, was in Washington. It was (...)

  • April 22 · ROK Drop
    Tweet of the Day: Can Ferry Boat Crew Receive A Fair Trial in Korea?
    President Park said the actions of the ferry crew were "tantamount to murder." Does that prejudice the legal process? http://t.co/9Sx6w5dpiP — Alastair Gale (@AlastairGale) April 21, 2 (...)

  • April 22 · ROK Drop
    Picture of the Day: Fatman Goes Camping
    This front-page photo of the Rodong Sinmun’s April 21, 2014, issue shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-un smiling broadly along with other officials during his visit to a youth camping site in Wo (...)

  • April 22 · ROK Drop
    Is President Park to Blame for a Slow Ferry Boat Rescue Effort?
    I figured it would not be long before the Korean left would use the ferry boat tragedy to bash the Park administration with: Family members of missing passengers from the Sewol ferry sit with their a (...)

  • April 22 · ROK Drop
    Chinese Authorities Seize Japanese Commercial Ship Over Pre-World War II Debt
    It is going to be interesting to see how this latest provocation by the Chinese is going turn out: The Japanese government on Monday warned that the seizure of a Japanese ship in Shanghai over pre-war (...)

  • April 22 · Soju and Sake - by Kathreb
    Currently reading
    Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (...)

  • April 22 · ROK Drop
    Is North Korea Planning A Nuclear Test In Time for President Obama’s Visit to Korea?
    It looks like the North Koreans may be about to execute a welcome to Korea nuclear test for President Obama: North Korea radioactivity sign via Shutterstock.com North Korea has increased activities a (...)

  • April 22 · Taki's Magazine
    The Strong-Arm of the Law
    by Guy Somerset When lawmen break the law, there is no law.   During a fortnight when the American establishment wasn’t handing out machine guns to heavily medicated dissociativ (...)

  • April 22 · Taki's Magazine
    The Science of Cool
    by Kathy Shaidle About 30 years ago, I set out to write an essay—that sounds so pretentious, sorry—but never got past the title: “‘Cool’ Is Not a Christian Virtue.” Thin (...)

  • April 22 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    꽃피는 봄날 명승지로 떠나는 봄소풍!
    안녕하세요! 제6기 문화재청 블로그 기자단 김정은입니다~독자분들은 3월 하면 뭐가 제일 먼저 떠오르시나요?새학기, 새내기, 새친구 등등 새로운 시작 (...)

  • April 22 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    어느 영국 화가가 사랑한 조선
    여러분은 ‘식민지 시대의 조선’하면 어떤 그림이 떠오르세요? 암울한 잿빛의 거리, 희망을 잃은 눈동자 그리고 그 속에서 목숨을 받쳐가며 싸웠던 (...)

  • April 22 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    대한제국 국새가 돌아온다
    대한제국 국새가 돌아온다<대한제국 국새 등 인장 9과 반환을 위한 서명식>6・25 전쟁 때 미군에 의해 반출되었던 대한제국 국새가 60여 년 만에 고 (...)

  • April 22 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    문화융성을 위한 규장각과 장서각 기록문화유산 통합관리시스템 구축
    문화융성을 위한 규장각과 장서각 기록문화유산 통합관리시스템 구축 문화재청(청장 나선화)은 정부3.0과 문화융성을 위해, 규장각한국학연구원(원장 (...)

  • April 21 · Gypsy Scholar
    Spencer Case Reviews Roger Scruton's Notes From Underground at National Review Online
    National Review OnlineHat Tip to Bill VallicellaSpencer Case, in "Polemics and Philosophy from a British Contrarian" (National Review Online April 19, 2014), reviews two works by Roger Scruton, but I (...)

  • April 21 · Gypsy Scholar
    Anthony N. Celso on Never-Ending Jihadism?
    Anthony N. CelsoGoogle ImagesI came across this enlightening paper yesterday about a dark topic with a gloomy thesis:This paper conceptualizes a wave theory of continuous jihadist warfare composed of (...)

  • April 21 · One Free Korea
    Open Sources, April 21, 2014
    ~  1  ~ THOSE NORTH KOREAN UAVs look exactly like a model manufactured in China. Not that it’s needed, but it’s yet more evidence that China isn’t enforcing U.N. Security Council resolutions o (...)

  • April 21 · Taki's Magazine
    Down Goes Frazier
    by Jim Goad Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. is the sort of guy you’d expect to go on a shooting rampage at two different Jewish community centers and wind up killing three Christians ins (...)

  • April 21 · Taki's Magazine
    The Week That Perished
    by Takimag The Week’s Most Suspicious, Seditious, and Meretricious Headlines NANCY PELOSI’S FOOT FETISH Last week in San Francisco, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi got (...)

  • April 21 · hanpig2000님의 블로그
    천주교공주 황새바위성지성당
    천주교공주 황새바위성지성당 위치:충청남도 공주시 금성동 6-1번지 주요용도: 종교시설 규모: 지상1층 구조: 경량철골조 외부마감:비닐사이딩 건 (...)

  • April 20 · ZenKimchi Korean Food Journal
    Fundraiser Events to Commemorate Expat, Help Grieving Family
    Seoul’s long-term expat community was saddened recently by the sudden and tragic death of one of its members. Alexander Rene Boutilier (“Lex” to his friends, “Rene” to his family), was kille (...)

  • April 20 · Taki's Magazine
    The Gross Domestic Pissants
    by Theodore Dalrymple A small item in one of those free newspapers that end up on the seats of the world’s subway systems caught my attention yesterday. It was in the Paris Métro (...)

  • April 19 · Gypsy Scholar
    EBS 'Report' on Yi Kwang-su's Novel The Soil
    EBS Morning Special 1224Headlines + News Close UpPosted December 23, 2013I just happened to stumble across this four-month-old announcement (and grammar lesson!) yesterday on Korea's Educational Broad (...)

  • April 19 · The Grand Narrative
    Korean Sex Ed Takes to the Road
    (Source) Korean sex education gets a bad rep on my blog, and deservedly so. But there are many professional and committed sex educators out there (I’ve met some!), and the quality and quantity o (...)

  • April 19 · Taki's Magazine
    Crime Pays
    by Taki Theodoracopulos This is a tale of two unpunished crimes in one city. Let’s start with my old friend the Rev. Al Sharpton. I call him an old buddy because about fifteen year (...)

  • April 18 · Roboseyo
    Beautiful Rivers and Mountains 아름다운 강산 - Shin Joong Hyun 신중현
    A friend on Facebook recently asked a group I belong to for suggestions on niche Korea blog topics that aren't being filled right now, and I suggested he take older Korean music -- rock and pop stuff (...)

  • April 18 · Gypsy Scholar
    Scott Corey on Carl Schmitt's Influence on Neoconservatives
    Carl SchmittGoogle ImagesScott Corey -- one of my old friends from Berkeley, where he earned his political science doctorate in revolution and political violence -- has published an online op/ed piece (...)

  • April 18 · Gusts Of Popular Feeling
    Park Chung-hee, Songwriter
    Go check out Roboseyo's post on the 1972 Shin Joong-hyun song 아름다운강산 (Beautiful Rivers and Mountains). Beyond discussing Shin and the song (and linking to the various versions of it, inclu (...)

  • April 18 · Taki's Magazine
    Feminist Fallout: A Roll Call of Regrets
    by Gavin McInnes Most women would be happier at home raising a family, and many are just going through the motions by choosing careers. There. I said it. I didn’t say women can’t (...)

  • April 17 · Gypsy Scholar
    Phillip Somozo on Emanations: Third Eye
    My friend Terrance Lindall -- artist and provocateur -- forwarded a recent review by art and literary critic Phillip Somozo of last year's literary anthology Emanations: Third Eye, which in part is pr (...)

  • April 17 · One Free Korea
    Yay, nuclear blackmail! Obama Admin caves on N. Korea denuclearization, human rights in face of nuke test threat
    The Nuclear Threat Initiative Newswire, citing Yonhap, reports that the Obama Administration, South Korea, and Japan have agreed to a major shift in its policy toward talks with North Korea, “easing (...)

  • April 17 · Soju and Sake - by Kathreb
    “No-one asked for the Un”
    I had been planning to write a very serious, important, and insightful post about how the North Koreans had quickly returned the conversation from human rights and back to the familiar territory of mi (...)

  • April 17 · Soju and Sake - by Kathreb
    Currently reading
    The Crime of Father Amaro by Jose Maria Eca De Queiros (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    왕실 사람들의 휴식처 속에서 빠져보는 독서삼매경
    왕실 사람들의 휴식처 속에서 빠져보는 독서삼매경<창덕궁 존덕정> 문화재청 창덕궁관리소는 문화융성과 정부3.0 시대를 맞아 문화유산으로 국민 (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    문화재청, ‘내 고장 문화재 가꾸는 날’ 시민행사 개최
    문화재청, ‘내 고장 문화재 가꾸는 날’ 시민행사 개최<‘내 고장 문화재 가꾸는 날’ 시민행사(2013년)> 문화재청은 오는 19일 경복궁을 비롯한 전 (...)

  • April 17 · Taki's Magazine
    Quarterly Potpourri
    by John Derbyshire Standing up for work.  So I got a new desk. I’d been reading these news stories about how bad it is for your health to sit all day. The phrase “the sitt (...)

  • April 17 · ParaPundit
    On Mexico's Poor Economic Growth
    Dani Rodrik says in Mexico rising productivity is not broad-based and substantial parts of the economy are becoming less productive. PRINCETON – When researchers at the McKinsey Global Institute (MG (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    문화재청, 맞춤형 서비스 정책 ‘온라인 정책포럼’ 실시
    문화재청, 맞춤형 서비스 정책 ‘온라인 정책포럼’ 실시<문화재청 홈페이지 정책포럼> 문화재청은 올해 추진할 예정인 국민 맞춤형 서비스 정책 (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    국립고궁박물관, 성인 대상 교육 프로그램 운영
    국립고궁박물관, 성인 대상 교육 프로그램 운영<왕실문화 심층탐구 홍보물> 문화재청 국립고궁박물관(관장 이귀영)은 5월부터 조선 왕실문화 강연 (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    21세기와 만난 문화재, 첨단 기술을 입다!
    안녕하세요! 문화재청 블로그 기자단 6기 조혜지입니다. 이번 기사에서는 문화재청에서 진행하는 사업 중 저의 흥미를 이끌었던 사업 하나를 소개하고 (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    우리문화의 노블리스 오블리주! 그 방향을 가늠하다.
    안녕하세요~ 문화재청 제 6기 블로그기자단 동범준입니다^^ 지난 2월 27일, 문화재청 국립고궁박물관 회의실에서는 매우 '역사적'인 세미나를 진행했었 (...)

  • April 17 · Ask a Korean!
    #NotYourMascot, and Why You Should Care
    Normally, I make it my practice to silently observe the discussion involving other social groups of America. The reason for this is simple: it is important for each social group to speak with its own (...)