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  • April 17 · ROK Drop
    Tweet of the Day: Korean Style Panhandling
    Photo: Korean-style panhandling. They leave a piece of paper telling a tragic story, a copy on each lap,… http://t.co/qRINv86QPd — Michael Hurt (@metropolitician) April 16, 2014 (...)

  • April 17 · Gypsy Scholar
    Phillip Somozo on Emanations: Third Eye
    My friend Terrance Lindall -- artist and provocateur -- forwarded a recent review by art and literary critic Phillip Somozo of last year's literary anthology Emanations: Third Eye, which in part is pr (...)

  • April 17 · ROK Drop
    Japanese Government Again Plans to Review Apology to Comfort Women
    I really do not see what purpose reviewing the Kono Statement does politically for Prime Minister Abe other than to throw red meat at the Japanese right-wing who would vote for him regardless: Kyodo N (...)

  • April 17 · Soju and Sake - by Kathreb
    “No-one asked for the Un”
    I had been planning to write a very serious, important, and insightful post about how the North Koreans had quickly returned the conversation from human rights and back to the familiar territory of mi (...)

  • April 17 · ROK Drop
    Korea Finder 14-14
    Who knows who this lady is? 2014 Korea Finder Standings: 1. Comfortable Chairs – 4 2. Bobby Ray – 3 3. Setnaffa – 1 3. Bob – 1 3. Coryah – 1 3. 2ID Doc – 1 3. Leon Laporte – 1 3. Sm (...)

  • April 17 · Soju and Sake - by Kathreb
    Currently reading
    The Crime of Father Amaro by Jose Maria Eca De Queiros (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    왕실 사람들의 휴식처 속에서 빠져보는 독서삼매경
    왕실 사람들의 휴식처 속에서 빠져보는 독서삼매경<창덕궁 존덕정> 문화재청 창덕궁관리소는 문화융성과 정부3.0 시대를 맞아 문화유산으로 국민 (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    문화재청, ‘내 고장 문화재 가꾸는 날’ 시민행사 개최
    문화재청, ‘내 고장 문화재 가꾸는 날’ 시민행사 개최<‘내 고장 문화재 가꾸는 날’ 시민행사(2013년)> 문화재청은 오는 19일 경복궁을 비롯한 전 (...)

  • April 17 · ROK Drop
    Was the US and NATO Fighting the Wrong Enemy In Afghanistan?
    Just about any servicemember in Afghanistan could of told you who the real enemy in the conflict is: What if the United States has been waging the wrong war against the wrong enemy for the last 13 ye (...)

  • April 17 · Taki's Magazine
    Quarterly Potpourri
    by John Derbyshire Standing up for work.  So I got a new desk. I’d been reading these news stories about how bad it is for your health to sit all day. The phrase “the sitt (...)

  • April 17 · ParaPundit
    On Mexico's Poor Economic Growth
    Dani Rodrik says in Mexico rising productivity is not broad-based and substantial parts of the economy are becoming less productive. PRINCETON – When researchers at the McKinsey Global Institute (MG (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    문화재청, 맞춤형 서비스 정책 ‘온라인 정책포럼’ 실시
    문화재청, 맞춤형 서비스 정책 ‘온라인 정책포럼’ 실시<문화재청 홈페이지 정책포럼> 문화재청은 올해 추진할 예정인 국민 맞춤형 서비스 정책 (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    국립고궁박물관, 성인 대상 교육 프로그램 운영
    국립고궁박물관, 성인 대상 교육 프로그램 운영<왕실문화 심층탐구 홍보물> 문화재청 국립고궁박물관(관장 이귀영)은 5월부터 조선 왕실문화 강연 (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    21세기와 만난 문화재, 첨단 기술을 입다!
    안녕하세요! 문화재청 블로그 기자단 6기 조혜지입니다. 이번 기사에서는 문화재청에서 진행하는 사업 중 저의 흥미를 이끌었던 사업 하나를 소개하고 (...)

  • April 17 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    우리문화의 노블리스 오블리주! 그 방향을 가늠하다.
    안녕하세요~ 문화재청 제 6기 블로그기자단 동범준입니다^^ 지난 2월 27일, 문화재청 국립고궁박물관 회의실에서는 매우 '역사적'인 세미나를 진행했었 (...)

  • April 17 · Ask a Korean!
    #NotYourMascot, and Why You Should Care
    Normally, I make it my practice to silently observe the discussion involving other social groups of America. The reason for this is simple: it is important for each social group to speak with its own (...)

  • April 16 · ROK Drop
    Tweet of the Day: Sergeant Kyle White To Receive Medal of Honor
    RT @FirstArmy: Former Army Sgt. Kyle J. White to receive Medal of Honor http://t.co/u5UCDfBbG4 — The Joint Staff (@thejointstaff) April 16, 2014 (...)

  • April 16 · ROK Drop
    Picture of the Day: CJ Hello Mobile Racing Models
    Racing models pose for the camera during a media day event for “CJ Hello Mobile Super Race Championship” at the Jamsil Sports Complex in southern Seoul on April 14, 2014. (Yonhap) (...)

  • April 16 · Gypsy Scholar
    Some Moments of Silence for the Many Who Died Yesterday in the Korean Ferry Boat that Sank off Korea's Southwest Coast . . .
    BBC AFP (...)

  • April 16 · ROK Drop
    Hundreds Missing as Ferry Sinks Off South Korea’s Coast; Was North Korea Involved?
    This has the makings of becoming one of the worst disasters in Korean history:   A multi-story ferry carrying 459 people, mostly high school students on an overnight trip to a tourist island, sa (...)

  • April 16 · ROK Drop
    KBS Documents Changes To Japanese Textbooks that Omit History of the Occupation of Korea
    We have long heard about the Japanese textbooks that whitewash history in regards to the occupation of Korea and at least KBS actually went and did some reporting on what exactly has been omitted: &nb (...)

  • April 16 · Surprisesaplenty's Blog
    Haeundae Bicycle Service Center
    At the Haps, I learned of the Haeundae Bicycle Service Center.  I love the idea and hope it does well.  Now to get my son and I out there to ride. (...)

  • April 16 · Surprisesaplenty's Blog
    Ferry with nearly 500 passengers sank near Jindo
    Terrible news today of a large ferry, around half-full, that apparently struck a reef and sank about two hours later. Well, there is a lot of good news.  Thanks to massive efforts by Coast Guard and (...)

  • April 16 · Roboseyo
    Beautiful Rivers and Mountains 아름다운 강산 - Shin Joong Hyun 신중현
    A friend on Facebook recently asked a group I belong to for suggestions on niche Korea blog topics that aren't being filled right now, and I suggested he take older Korean music -- rock and pop stuff (...)

  • April 16 · ROK Drop
    Korean Employees To Vote On Whether To Go On Strike Against USFK
    It seems these Korean workers would be better off protesting their own government who has been delaying the approval of the cost sharing agreement that pays their salary instead of protesting USFK: Th (...)

  • April 16 · Taki's Magazine
    An Honest Day’s Pay
    by Ali Hope The latest British parliamentary spat was a further ripple from the scandal about MPs’ expenses that first splashed into our headlines in 2009. In December 2012, it was (...)

  • April 15 · ROK Drop
    Tweet of the Day: Is Potential of North Korean Labor Force Being Overlooked?
    Potential of North Korean labor force is being overlooked in South Korea, defectors say http://t.co/zgE8Vlj8Zn — NK NEWS (@nknewsorg) April 14, 2014 (...)

  • April 15 · Ask a Korean!
    How to Make it in America with Music
    Dear Korean,I'd love to hear your opinion on what it would take for a Korean or Korean-American act to "make it" in the US music industry. You could answer that from a macro (shifts in music business (...)

  • April 15 · Gypsy Scholar
    Bulgakov's Fesiya is Goethe's Faust?
    GoetheDistorted Image by An(other) Englishman in GermanyA recent commentator, Thomas, from the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium asked me a difficult question about my novella's dependence on Bulgakov:Yo (...)

  • April 15 · Gusts Of Popular Feeling
    Bits and pieces
    A few articles in the Joongang Ilbo yesterday looked at how 'the system' is failing children (and single mothers) in various ways. First is an article with lots of adoption-related statistics:Over the (...)

  • April 15 · ParaPundit
    Will Half Of Colleges In USA Close?
    Technological disruption and increasing doubt in the value of a college degree are taking their toll. Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen has predicted that as many as half of the mo (...)

  • April 15 · Taki's Magazine
    The End of Ideology?
    by Patrick J. Buchanan On our TV talk shows and op-ed pages, and in our think tanks here, there is rising alarm over events abroad. And President Obama is widely blamed for the perce (...)

  • April 15 · Taki's Magazine
    How Uncanny Was My Valley?
    by Kathy Shaidle Within the conventions of English drag comedy, the most familiar character is what the Monty Python troupe dubbed “the pepperpot”: a frumpy, lumpy menopausal mat (...)

  • April 15 · 환영합니다~ 문화재청 블로그입니다~
    문화재청,「문화재 수리 체계 혁신대책」 마련
    문화재청,「문화재 수리 체계 혁신대책」 마련- 문화재 수리 품질향상을 위한 수리 체계 전면적 개편 추진 -문화재청은 숭례문 부실 복구, 문화재 수리 (...)

  • April 14 · Gypsy Scholar
    And now for something completely different: Graphene!
    GraphenePhoto by Nicholas PetroneI sometimes -- well, all right, often -- post on topics I know nothing about. Nick Bilton, for instance, in "Bend It, Charge It, Dunk It: Graphene, the Material of Tom (...)

  • April 14 · Surprisesaplenty's Blog
    korea law and cycling
    The Korea Law Blog has  a post on cycling in Korea.  There’s a lot of good stuff there but here is a piece: 2. Rules Applying Only to Bicycles a) To stay on the far right side when riding a (...)

  • April 14 · Taki's Magazine
    The Vanishing Yokel
    by Jim Goad Even his homespun-sounding name—Cliven Bundy—hints that he is part of a dying breed. Reputed to be the “last rancher in South Nevada,” he locked horns wit (...)

  • April 14 · Taki's Magazine
    The Week That Perished
    by Takimag The Week’s Most Regrettable, Lamentable, and Unforgettable Headlines HAPPY TAX FREEDOM DAY! As Americans scramble to file their 2013 tax returns by tomorrow’s midnigh (...)

  • April 14 · Roboseyo
    The Un-Rustling of Jimmies, or Roboseyo Your Five Tips Are So Mean!
    I'd like to thank The Marmot, and also The Big Hominid, for writing up my Five Tips post. I got a few defensive reactions to as well: some people seem to have been reading it as "Five Ways Roboseyo Th (...)

  • April 14 · ParaPundit
    Ukrainian Security Service Trying To Take Back A Police Station
    Vladimir Putin must be pleased. What's your bet: Will Vlad try to take eastern Ukraine? He said crack units from Ukraine's SBU security service moved first into the city of Slavyansk to regain control (...)

  • April 14 · Discovering Korea
    Naengmyeon Korean Cold Noodles Street
    There's a street in central Seoul's Ojang-dong neighborhood that's known as the Naengmyeon Korean Cold Noodles Street. (...)

  • April 14 · Discovering Korea
    West Seoul Lake Park
    On the site of an old water treatment plant, West Seoul Lake Park may seem an place. Instead it's become one of Seoul's landmark green spaces. (...)

  • April 14 · hanpig2000님의 블로그
    천주교대전 유천동성당
    천주교대전 유천동성당 위치:대전광역시 중구유천동 183-3 주요용도: 종교시설 규모: 지상3층 구조: 철근콘크리트조 외부마감:외부용수성페인트 건 (...)

  • April 13 · Gypsy Scholar
    Shannon Hodges: One of My More Successful Brothers . . .
    Dr. J. Shannon HodgesandShoshanna CoganThe photo above is of my brother Shan and his wife Shoshanna, who sent me the picture and bragged on Shan:Here's a photo taken minutes after Shannon's Keynote Ad (...)

  • April 13 · The Grand Narrative
    Corée du Sud La quête du galbe
    (Source) For French speakers, a Libération article about body image and cosmetic surgery in Korea that I was interviewed for recently. Many thanks to Nouvelles d’Asie ‏for and A G on Twitter (...)

  • April 13 · Taki's Magazine
    Some Questions
    by Theodore Dalrymple Some questions are asked in a spirit of inquiry, to obtain answers, but others are asked to intimidate or badger or coerce agreement with a point of view and es (...)

  • April 12 · Gypsy Scholar
    Joseph Braude Talks to "A Saudi Psychologist on Jihadism, Clerical Elites, and Education Reform"
    Joseph BraudeFPRIIn an E-Note from FPRI, Joseph Braude reports on the Saudi attempt to rehabilitate jihadists, "A Saudi Psychologist on Jihadism, Clerical Elites, and Education Reform," which makes fo (...)

  • April 12 · Gypsy Scholar
    "I am chatting with a modern Goethe!"
    A recent visitor stopped by on an early blog entry of mine on Derrida (where I claimed that my then-five-year-old son En-Uk believed that nothing exists outside the text), and this visitor made an int (...)

  • April 12 · Taki's Magazine
    The Barnacle Racket
    by Taki Theodoracopulos America and Western Europe sure have their priorities right, with newsworthy items blanketing newspapers and magazines while the airwaves reflect our culture. (...)

  • April 11 · Roboseyo
    5 Signs the Author of the Article you're Reading Doesn't Actually Know Much about Korea
    Lately, every Thursday at 10:30am, on TBS radio, (101.3 in Seoul), I've been doing a list-based segment. I've had some fun, and done a variety of topics, and perhaps I'll post some of them on the blog (...)