N. Korean cheerleaders, N. Korean racism irony, ‘S’ company sinkholes and the dangers of sarcasm

So much for the North Korean cheering squad:

Reversing its earlier decision, North Korea said Thursday that it will not send a cheerleading squad to accompany its athletes who will compete in the upcoming Asian Games in South Korea.

The announcement by Son Kwang-ho, the vice chairman of North Korea’s National Olympic Committee, said no cheerleaders will be dispatched to the Asiad to be held in the western port city of Incheon from Sept. 19 to Oct. 4.

Son cited South Korea’s negative view of its cheerleaders as a major reason for its decision to call off its plan.

And by negative view, what the North really means is, “Seoul won’t pay for them“:

Pyongyang cited disagreement over whether Seoul would foot the bill for the North’s athletes and cheerleaders as one point of contention. The North initially proposed sending around 700 people including 350 cheerleaders. In previous sporting events in South Korea, Seoul has underwritten North Korea’s costs. This time around, it said that the international norm of each country paying its way should be followed.

Personally, North Korean “cheering”—basically a slickly produced B&W film away from the Nuremberg Rally—is not something I think anyone should be encouraging, so this is a good development, IMHO.

– The day North Korea—yes, that North Koreaaccused the United States of racism was the day irony died. To appreciate this fully, though, read the Korean version of the KCNA description of President Obama from May. For that matter, they’ve been accusing South Korea of polluting the bloodlines by having mix-race babies for years now.

– If you fall into a sinkhole in Songpa-gu, this is who you’ll want to blame. Hint: It’s not Lotte. In fact, the sinkholes have nothing to even do with the construction of the Lotte World Tower. As a note, though, a quick Google search showed that quite a few papers did in fact prominently feature the name of the company that was responsible…at least in Korean.

– You’ll be happy to learn that retweeting North Korean propaganda in order to make fun of it is legal. So says the Supreme Court:

“Praising the North Korean regime, a violation of the National Security Law, is applied [to a suspect] when there is possibility [for him] to commit an evil act harming the existence of the country and public security,” the Supreme Court judges said in their verdict, “But he was not that kind of case.”

It’s outrageous that the defendant is this bullshit case was ever put on trial in the first place. But as was noted earlier in the case, the authorities—and certain major Korean corporations, for that matter—don’t take sarcasm very well.

– So, on my Facebook, I was saying how much I enjoyed “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Pacific Rim,” and somebody linked to an extended version of the Pacific Rim soundtrack, which, io9 points out, “Anything you do while listening to this will seem 1000 percent more heroic.” So I share it with you on this lovely Friday:

  • RElgin

    Ssssss . . .

  • gbnhj

    For that matter,they’ve been accusing South Korea of polluting the bloodlines by having mix-race babies for years now.

    So true. This one’s my favorite.

  • Ewnerd Nasalo

    Wow… and I just moved out of Songpa last year…Might’ve dodged a bullet there. That sinkhole looked just about the right size to swallow my motorcycle and myself along with it.

  • yuna_at_marmotshole

    Re:”not-Lotte” responsible for sinkhole

    I just made a comment here:


    on the other thread before reading this post.

    But maybe this might have been one appropriate instance where Korea Times could have ended that article with


  • brier

    Those sinkholes must come from the construction company not doing any due diligence with the geology of the place. Being cheap and having your head in the sand at the same time. And I mean literally head in the sand. The Songpa area near the river was much like Yeoido before the development south of the river and embankment of the water way. (Think four rivers restoration!) I mean it was a sand bar/ wetland/ riparian back channel for flood waters. Also I have to wonder how this very dry year with little rainfall is affecting the substrata soil. Usually it would be wet and heavy in summer, but it has dried out considerably.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    “Personally, North Korean “cheering”—basically a slickly produced B&W film away from the Nuremberg Rally….”


  • cactusmcharris

    Too true, as the DPRK do go on about ‘Ein…, Ein…, Ein…’, eh?

  • redwhitedude

    Ugh! Pacific Rim. I regret watching movie.

  • redwhitedude

    Yet another case doing things on the cheap at the expense of safety.
    A reminder courtesy of the Chinese.

  • http://www.rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    Seriously, how is it possible to dislike big robots fight big monsters in urban environments?

  • redwhitedude

    Unfortunately the plot sucked so bad that even big robots fighting big monsters in urban environments couldn’t mask that.