The perils of intercultural communication… in the KBO

As I said on my Facebook page, I don’t blame the ump at all for this. It’s one thing to get yelled at by a foreigner in a foreign language. It’s another to get yelled at by a foreigner in a foreign language for a pitch that’s clearly high and inside.

Charlie Shirek isn’t the only one experiencing communication issues in the KBO. Former MLBer Luke Scott was cut from his team last month for yelling at his manager. Well, for yelling at his manager and, one suspects, for putting up disappointing numbers. As Deadspin notes, though, Scott’s case might not be about cultural or linguistic misunderstandings at all:

The report’s “insiders” chalk things up to cultural differences, though no one’s actually on record as saying that. But why would there be any cultural confusion here? Luke Scott speaks fluent dick, and dick is a universal language.

Of course, Scott is a special sort of guy.


    2 million won fine and 40 hours community service..
    for a pitch that was high and inside as Robert said..

  • Aja Aja

    The pitch was close enough to have been gone both ways. Anyway it may not have been that pitch, but a series of close calls on other pitches that may have got him roused up against the ump. Having watch many MLB baseball, the swearing and being ejected out of the game is part of the North American professional baseball league and adds color to the game. So the punishment seems excessive. But in Korea, it’s really a big no no to swear and abuse the umps (or authority). This pitcher may not have known this at that time.

  • Anonymous_Joe

    In MLB, the umpires will let them have their say and swear up and down at them on balls and strikes, which cannot be not argued, so long as they don’t show the umpires up. Batters do this by keeping their heads down and arguing while digging a toehold in the batter’s box. So long as the cameras and fans can’t see it.

    What surprises me is the ordering of 40 hours of community service.

  • Wedge1

    I wouldn’t call that pitch high. A bit inside, yes, but not high.