A Water Concert For the Hot, Dry Season


There is one up and coming Jazz concert that should be a good way to cool off from the heat with some very cool sounds.  Ronn Branton is celebrating his new recording entitled  WATER, with a concert at the Sejong Chamber Music Hall this coming August 23, at 8pm.  This CD marks a wholly new and original collection of music based upon water themes, most of which are set here in Korea.

His band also includes some of the best Jazz musicians in Korea. If interested, you can try interpark.co.kr, yes24 or just call 02-888-0650.

  • Ewnerd Nasalo

    Been raging against yes24 for the past week with a fiasco related to ‘sales’ for Dr. Who tickets for this weekend. Basically the event sold out 30 seconds after it was opened and a ton of people got screwed (Mostly the event organizers fault), but yes24 does not escape blame.

  • A Korean

    Guess there ain’t no jazz-loving hipters in this neck of the wood.

    Did jazz become too white-washed and snooty?

  • RElgin

    Beats me. There is only good music and bad music. This music is pretty decent.

    There is also an interview with the artist here:

    I believe there is some article at mmjazz too: