Must be God’s will, I guess

Moon Chang-keuk is hanging them up after all:

South Korea’s prime minister nominee withdrew his name Tuesday amid mounting criticism of his alleged pro-Japanese views, in what is seen as a fresh blow to President Park Geun-hye’s efforts to contain the fallout from a deadly ferry sinking.
“I agree with President Park Geun-hye’s words that she would reform the root of this nation,” Moon said in a hurriedly called press conference held at a government building near the presidential office. “I also wanted to contribute with the little strength I have to (Park’s) words that she would lead the divided nation to unity and reconciliation.

“However, following my nomination as prime minister, this nation fell into greater confrontation and division. It worried me that this kind of situation would become a stumbling block to the president’s future running of state affairs.”

With Moon out of the way, I’d say attention is about to focus on Chung Sung-keun, President Park’s nominee for minister of culture, sports and tourism. Noted legal scholar and SNU professor Cho Guk is accusing the former TV news anchor and Arirang TV CEO of tweeting that Cho, Father Park Chang-shin of the Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice, writer Gong Ji-yeong and Kim Yong-min should go and live in North Korea. A list of some of his better tweets can be found here.

  • AsiaNewsWeekly

    Given the fair amount of speculation the effect of withdrawing the nomination will have, I wonder what Park will do next? Clearly the administration is keen on vetting nominations since dirt is so easily uncovered on nominations. With her approval rating sinking, I wonder if she can even muster enough political capital to effectively finish her term.

  • redwhitedude

    I wonder what would happen if as last resort she nominated her brother? Of course hell will break loose over his drug history and so forth. But then again it seems everybody is tainted one way or another.

  • RElgin

    The president AND her party have wasted their credibility for so many years that they can no longer function as an effective political organization since they have almost no credibility and little public trust.

    IF she assumed dictatorial powers as her father did and force all politicians, in all parties, over forty to retire and purged the political process of ideology and corrupt practices, at the point of a gun, she might accomplish some good but, as it is, she and her party have no credibility or trust.

  • redwhitedude

    This administration has become a circus show. Her nominations have become a joke. Internationally she risks being ignored by the US/Japan due to her adamant stance about comfort women thing. While in principle she is right the way she managed to do she managed to back herself in a tough situation.

  • bigmamat

    The lord moves in mysterious ways…

  • RolyPoly

    It is. God is in control. He is an awesome God.

  • redwhitedude

    No thank you. I get more than my fill of God by just listening to what is happening in the middle east.