With the Ahn Dae-hee nomination not working out, President Park nominated former JoongAng Ilbo editor-in-chief Moon Chang-geuk for the prime minister’s spot.

I guess she’s a fan of the Yoon Chang-jung school of political inclusiveness. Now, to be fair, this is a guy who is unlikely to get busted in the states playing grab-ass with the staff, and he appears to have little in the way of personal wealth, which I suppose is a positive in this political climate. Here’s how Cheong Wa Dae describes him:

When announcing the nominations, Blue House spokesperson Min Kyung-wook called Moon “a committed and upright journalist who has brought objective criticism and rational alternatives to his efforts to set right the mistaken practices and longstanding vices of South Korean society.”

Now, this is how his own political friends describe him:

“He grew up in a Christian family in Pyongan Province [in today’s North Korea], so he’s staunchly conservative,” said a political veteran who is close to Moon. “His columns, and everything else he writes, are like ultra-right-wing cudgels.”

Another acquaintance from the ruling Saenuri Party (NFP) expressed confidence that Moon would work “with a sense of ethics and conviction,” but worried, “He may be too conservative to be the right person for bridging divisions and achieving unity.”

“He’s also not especially sociable, so there could end up being communication problems if he finds himself under attack from the opposition, such as during parliamentary questioning,” the acquaintance added.

So, basically he’s an old, right-wing Christian curmudgeon. Great.

Giving evidence to this is KBS, which showed video of a lecture Moon gave at a Church in Yongsan in 2011 in which he said Japanese colonialism was “God’s will,” suggesting that the Korean people needed a trial after idling away 500 years under the “Yi Dynasty” (and I’ll let your Korean friends explain to you the connotation of the term “Yi Dynasty,” or 이조).

He also said the division of Korea was God’s will, saying had God given Koreans full independence, the communists would have taken over the entire place. Oh, and that Koreans are lazy and lack self-reliance. Lots of fun stuff in that last link, BTW, if you read Korean. The Chosun Ilbo, quoting NoCut News, notes that he also told university students that Korea needn’t get an apology for the Comfort Women from Japan, and that Korea should no longer bring up the compensation issue.

He thinks President Park is God’s will, too:

However, the nominee changed his stance on Park after she was elected president in December 2012, calling her victory “God’s choice.”

“What if the election produced an opposite result? Her election is like a guardian angel showing up and saving the protagonist in danger,” he said in a Dec. 24, 2012 editorial.

On a positive note, I’ll grant that the guy has a set of brass balls. When Yonhap cornered him this morning to ask if planned to issue an apology, he responded by asking what he should apologize for. I also think the shinny dome is rather dashing.