Yoo trying to flee the country

So, Yoo Byung-un may be getting help from an organized crime gang to get out of the country:

Investigators have secured circumstantial evidence that Korea’s most-wanted fugitive has contacted an organized crime ring to obtain a bogus passport in order to leave Korea.

They believe that Yoo is still in Korea, and are stepping up searches in Haenam, Mokpo and other port cities in South Jeolla Province to prevent the former Semo Group chairman from escaping overseas.
The prosecution said it had received a tip about one of Yoo’s aides seeking to lease a boat in Haenam early this month. There are many properties owned by Yoo’s confidents and the Salvation Sect, a religious cult led by him, along the coast of South Jeolla Province.

President Park reportedly said it was nonsense that the police have been unable to catch the guy yet.

Korean pavilion wins award at architecture biennale

So, the Korean Pavilion took top honors at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venizia:

Themed “Crow’s Eye View: The Korean Peninsula,” the Korean pavilion featured architecture from the two Koreas.

Cho Min-suk, the commissioner and curator of the pavilion, said that he wanted to bring attention to the architectural transformation in Seoul and Pyongyang. Inspired by modern Korean poet Yi Sang (1910-1937), the exhibition was named after his poem “Crow’s Eye View.”

“Someday, I hope we can do a show on the architecture of the two countries without any drama attached to it,” Cho said during the award ceremony on Saturday. “We looked back at the last 100 years of architecture on the Korean Peninsula as a way of envisioning the future of the two countries.”

Cho’s a wonderful architect, but I’ve got to say, if the last century of Korean architecture is an indication of the future of the country, we are truly screwed.

Kick-ass Miss USA

Newly crowned Miss USA Nia Sanchez is a fourth-degree blackbelt in Taekwondo.

More evidence that irony is dead

So it looks like Rep. Suh Chung-won will make a bid to take over the SNP:

“I am not someone who takes care of Cheong Wa Dae’s orders. (I) will become a responsible chairman of a responsible party,” Suh was quoted as saying by a local daily on Monday.

Suh, the man who will be a responsible chairman of a responsible party, has served two separate prison terms for violating campaign finance laws.