By having the US embassy support the Korean Queer Festival, that’s how!

The Gidok Ilbo (“Christian Times”) reports that the Korean Citizens’ Alliance for a Healthy Society held a protest in front of the US embassy on Saturday to protest the support the embassy had given to the Queer Festival (HT to Kim Tong-hyung).

In a statement, the group said they could not help but be dumbstruck that the US embassy, crying about human rights for sexual minorities, would participate in the Queer Festival at a time when Koreans were exercising prudence in word and action as the nation overcomes deep wounds and pain.

(Marmot’s Note: Which is perfectly understandable, BTW, because as we all know, it was really the gays that sank the Sewol.)

According to the report, the US embassy set up a booth at the Queer Festival and provided active support for the car parade and other festival events.

The group asked, “The United States is causing many problems as it pursues pro-gay policies like the recent expansion of same-sex marriage legalization, but is it now trying to expand homosexuality in not just the United States, but Korea, too?” They said homosexuality was the main culprit in the occurrence of AIDS, and that homosexuals were at high risk of getting AIDS. They that the number of patients who contracted AIDS due to homosexual activity in Korea is rising like the United States, and asked if the United States was trying to export AIDS, too, to Korea through its gay diplomacy.

The group also said homosexuality was causing many tensions in Korean society. With homosexuals pressuring to even permit homosexuality in the military, there was great tension between the majority of Koreans and homosexuals, they said, and criticized the United States for contributing to even greater tension by supporting homosexuals.

And in language that should make any progressive opponent of Western cultural imperialism proud, the group said the situation in Korea was very different from that of America, and that if the United States is a true partner of Korea, it must respect Korean culture. It called on the United States to immediately cease its policies that are causing social tension by exporting homosexuality to Korea. It also called on the US embassy to stop its support for the Queer Festival and demanded that President Obama apologize to Korea for the US embassy’s high-handedness.

Meanwhile, the Homosexual Issue Countermeasures Committee (or however they translate their name) said there were reports that the US, French and German embassies had set up booths at the Queer Festival, and the overseas trend to recognize homosexuality was growing. It also said there should be strong protests that said embassies were engaging in activities the Korean people did not want.

Feel free to read Christian Today’s account of the Queer Festival here. Apparently some Christian/conservative groups clashed with festival-goers and were arrested for their efforts (see also here).

PS: Just out of curiosity, did the embassy actually give official support to the Korea Queer Festival?

UPDATE: First queer festivals. Then Spider Man with a boner. This nation is truly going in the crapper.