U.S. Military Hacked in South Korea

The details of up to 16,000 South Koreans that have worked for the U.S. Command here have been hacked. (link)

According to the military, the affected system (hack) is a human resources recruiting system separate from the U.S. military network  

Maybe that is 16,000 Koreans that will be getting loan offers from companies in the PRC?

  • redwhitedude

    I take it the NK, US, and China in that order might get blamed for this?

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    I wasn’t aware that personal details were protected anywhere on this peninsula.

  • rachelmap

    MS Windows is not on the list?

  • Arghaeri

    Who needs to, it’s Park, Kim, park, lee, cho, lee, Kim, park……

  • http://jushinjok.blogspot.com JinJoo

    “Cyberattacks in South Korea reportedly are fairly common and often blamed on North Korea, which has denied any involvement.”
    => NK is always an easy target.

    Koreans’ personal details have been hacked over and over again and are being sold for a cent (6 won) in China.

    Extracted from The Korea Herald:

    “….South Korean personal information is extremely easy to find on the Chinese website Baidu — China’s equivalent of Google — as a vast amount of data is circulating on the Web. The search term “South Korean registration number” brings up more than 20 pages of related information. Even automated search allows people to look for further information of South Korean personal data. FAQs about South Korean data are all over the Chinese Internet, and some sites even have exact copies of scanned photo-ID cards….”

    If you scroll down you can read the full story in English.


    Korea’s Industrial know-hows are being hacked by Chinese hackers all the time.

    스마트 넷 전쟁]해킹에 노출된 기업 보안
    중국발 청부해킹에 무방비… 산업기밀 유출 피해 年80조


  • redwhitedude

    MS windows doesn’t do the hacking.

  • rachelmap

    Naw, Microsoft just makes insecure software and lets the buyers suffer the consequences if they don’t plug all the holes.

  • piratariaazul

    Based on my experience, ROK has a (comparatively) poor IT security infrastructure and culture.

    Generalizing a bit, many companies don’t even have IT security policy and/or don’t enforce ’em. IT work is often outsourced to mom & pop outfits, IT specialists are not viewed as professionals, and CTO position appears to not exist.

    This often leaves IT security in the hands of low level employees or fly-by-night outfits run by kids barely old enough to buy beer….

  • http://jushinjok.blogspot.com JinJoo

    One of their insecure software is Internet Explorer.

    “The vulnerability means that a hacker could send you a message, perhaps pretending to be from a colleague or friend, and – if you clicked on a link in that email – your vulnerable installation of Internet Explorer would visit a malicious webpage infecting your Windows PC with a Trojan horse.

    At that point the hackers could effectively grab control of your computer, with the potential of stealing company secrets, personal information or using it to spread spam or other attacks. The problem is that right now Microsoft doesn’t have a patch to fix their software.”

    Extracted from:


  • redwhitedude

    Isn’t Korea Microsoft country?

  • http://jushinjok.blogspot.com JinJoo

    “ROK has a (comparatively) poor IT security infrastructure and culture.”

    Agree with you 110%. Korea’s industrial know-hows are being hacked all the time by Chinese hackers..

    스마트 넷 전쟁]해킹에 노출된 기업 보안/ 중국발 청부해킹에 무방비… 산업기밀 유출 피해 年80조


  • http://jushinjok.blogspot.com JinJoo

    What do you mean? Doesn’t everyone use Microsoft? I mean we have no choice, right? I just don’t use Internet Explorer.

  • redwhitedude

    Isn’t microsoft the dominant software not just in OS but also in browsers?

  • http://jushinjok.blogspot.com JinJoo

    My understanding is that more and more people are using either Chrome or Firefox.

  • redwhitedude

    Time to play catch up. Internet Explorer needs to go away.

  • http://www.bcarr.com/ Brendon Carr

    Korea is of course a weird little Galapagos Island when it comes to information technology, but worldwide Internet Explorer is going away. I read that Chrome has now overtaken IE in browser share, a seismic shift.

  • redwhitedude

    Thanks to some ill conceived laws and stupid decision making.

  • http://jushinjok.blogspot.com JinJoo

    “…Chrome has now overtaken IE in worldwide browser share….”

    The problem with Google Chrome is that they haven been misusing the users’ personal information (sharing too much of it) with advertisers and others. This was a big issue a few months ago. I am using Chrome at the moment, and everyday I delete browsing/ download history. I will, eventually be switching to Firefox.

  • http://jushinjok.blogspot.com JinJoo

    “IT work is often outsourced to mom & pop outfits…”

    They have been outsourcing most of their IT work (including web page construction) to China. It is like ‘고양이’한테 ‘생선’을 맡긴 격이죠.

  • RElgin

    That is why Korean IT is like a giant electronic floating ferryboat.

    Just wait until the next wave of botware hits credit transactions in South Korea. The DPRK doesn’t need an atomic weapon to threaten everyday credit card transactions.

  • redwhitedude

    They still haven’t realized the importance of internet security. I didn’t realize it until I stumbled upon this.