– Prosecutors are offering half a million dollars for tips that lead to the arrest of Yoo Byung-un, and USD 100,000 for tips on his eldest son.

To help locate the fugitives, prosecutors have put out images of what the men might look like if they changed their appearance:



Yoo’s eldest daughter, meanwhile, has been arrested in France. She’s charged with embezzlement. A medical school professor accused of helping Yoo escape has also been arrested, as has a Korean-American woman in her 30s accused of the same (see also here). For what it’s worth, prosecutors seem to believe Yoo and his sons are still hiding out in Suncheon.

– Meanwhile, the Evangelical Baptist Church folk are telling the press they are all prepared to go to jail to protect Yoo. Oh, and they’re offering half a million dollars to whoever reveals why the ferry sank.

– Looks like the fire that killed seven at Goyang Bus Terminal was another “human-caused disaster.”

Daum and Kakao have merged. I still get most of my news from Naver, as I imagine most of the country will continue to, too.