The prosecutors office entered Guemsuwon in Anseong in search of Yoo Byeong-eum about noon today.  According to “Hannah” and in a negotiated deal, the church members permitted about 40 people from the  prosecutor’s office inside the compound.  No uniformed police officers or journalists were let allowed to pass behind the main gate.

In the agreement the prosecutor’s office agreed that neither the Church nor “Mr. Yoo” had any culpability in the 1987 mass murder suicide at a Church affiliated factory.  If so, I don’t know that the Church gained any concession but might have gotten a reaffirmation of a previous statement from the prosecutor’s office exonerating both the Church and Yoo Byeong-eun.

Hannah gave a number of 4,800 uniformed officers.  I counted 20 buses south and 26 buses north of the compound on Rte 38.  I could not count the number of uniformed officers, by which I mean university students performing their compulsory service, in protective body armor, but certainly more than 1,000 is a safe estimate.

The police let me behind the police line when Hannah and the Church’s security motioned me through, but I did not gain entrance to the compound itself.  Hannah gave me a 20 minute recorded interview in which she said that no one felt (aside from some initial apprehension) endangered, all Church members were safe and well fed, and prosecutors were allowed unfettered access to the whole compound.   According to Hannah and judging by the reaction of some of the journalists, I was the only one who got an interview.

Hannah did not know whether Mr. Yoo was at the compound, and he, as of this writing,  has not been found.