Jorge Cantu who plays for the Korean baseball team 두산 Bears is hitting the Korean headlines because he tweeted a racist joke/photo. Apparently, he’d only re-tweeted the thing which was tweeted by one of his co-tweeters or followers (or whatever, I don’t know how it works in Tweetersphere, I don’t tweet)
Anyway, this link will send you to an article which you can scroll down for an image capture of the tweet in question before he erased it, and also further down there is a translated-into-Korean version from the original Spanish.
I don’t speak Spanish, so a rough translation from the Korean version goes something like:

Answer the next 5 questions:
1. Which student is asleep?
2. Try to find the male twins.
3. Try to find the female twins.
4. How many of them are girls?
5. Which one is the teacher?

Anyway, I burst out laughing, I found the faces so funny and cute, and the questions/joke so very Spanish (or Spanish-speaking if that makes any sense). Don’t know why but it just reminded me of the last time when Ronaldo pulled a chinky eye when he arrived in Korea. (OK, I know they speak Portuguese in Brazil) I find these characterizations not very offensive, but funny. Also kind of like how Koreans themselves would characterize other races.. kind of imbecile at worst.
Is it just me?