So in the second installment of “will they won’t they” (first one here), 배두나 and Jim Sturgess as an item are a hot issue, as they seem to be more official in their ‘coupledom’ when they attended the Cannes screening of 두나’s latest film “도희야~(English Title: A girl at my door Trailer here )” which was invited to the festival under the category “Un Certain Regard”.

배두나 and Jim Sturgess first met when they filmed the “Cloud Atlas” together.

I know that 배두나 has her anti-fan(s) on this website, but still, as a Korean actress, she is stylish and natural, and seems to be not as brainless as the others. And though I don’t quite know if I dig her acting yet (I did not like her in Cloud Atlas although I liked her in 봉준호’s 괴물), I am happy about this couple because I think it’s refreshing and different from what we have seen – the other international celebrity couples involving a Korean woman being “Woody Allen and Soon Yi” or “Nicholas Cage and Alice Kim” sort..Other famous Asian women we have, Zhang Ziyi with a Israeli/American billionaire Vivi Nevo (although these two are no more) or Rupert Murdoch and Wendy Deng, Hugh Grant and the Chinese woman who is the mother of his two children, Madama Butterfly and Pinkerton etc…

They seem to be on a similar footing (if anything 배두나 more famous and established than he is) and down-to-earth and credible as a couple than many of these so called “unhealthy stereotypes”.

Here is the photo of the child star (the role of 도희) 김새론 in the film 도희야, yet another dark Korean film highlighting the ills of the society. I am well aware that reality is not in technicolor, but it always pains me to see such a stark contrast in these dark Korean films compared to the rainbow colours of the censored Korean TV dramas and entertainment. The Korea I know, lies somewhere in the middle. I would like to see this middle reflected more on both TV and cinema.