Following up on Yuna’s earlier post, former Semo Group chairman Yoo Byung-eon is still ignoring a summons for questioning.

Now prosecutors are asking for a detention warrant:

Judging that Yoo could flee or destroy evidence, the prosecution office asked a district court to issue the warrant to detain him for questioning.
The prosecution office said if Yoo once again fails to appear at a court hearing that is to decide whether to issue the warrant, it will seek out other measures to detain the disgraced businessman.

And by other measures, what prosecutors mean is that they’ll probably raid the compound of the Evangelical Baptist Church in Anseong, where Yoo is believed to be hiding. They can’t be looking forward to it, though, as members of the church—cult, really—are forming human barricades to stop the law from moving in. And they may be willing to protect Yoo, a founding member of the church, with their lives:

Even if the prosecutors decided on forced entry, detaining Yoo will not be an easy task.

Jeong Dong-sub, a leader of a victims’ group of heretical sects’ and a former member of the Salvation Sect, said the cult members are likely to be faithful to their words that they will “stop the authorities with their lives.” He said in a radio interview that Yoo’s father-in-law likened him to Jesus, while some members actually think Yoo is God.

If this goes down Waco or Jonestown-style, I won’t be the least bit surprised.

Anyway, prosecutors suspect Yoo and his family were up to their eyeballs in all manners of maleficence, although in what is either a touching display of loyalty or batshit insanity, his aides are saying Yoo had nothing to do with Cheonghaejin Marine:

Yoo — a businessman, artist, ex-convict and religious figure — may face a host of corruption charges, including embezzlement, dereliction of duty, tax evasion and bribery, according to prosecutors. They suspect he controls Chonghaejin Marine through two of his sons, who own stakes in the firm through various subsidiaries.

However, his close aides have so far denied his involvement in the management of Chonghaejin Marine and a dozen other affiliates, saying that he does not have any stake in them.

The prosecution suspects that the Yoo family established three paper companies to create slush funds and illegally transfer money abroad by embezzling corporate funds while failing to fulfill the duty of properly managing the companies.

Embezzlement, tax evasion, fleeing from justice, fanatical followers and megalomaniac family heads* controlling companies they hold little or no equity in… it’s like every bad chaebol practice rolled into one!

* If you ARE a chaebol head reading this, I don’t mean you, of course. I mean your competitors.

(HTs to a few people, but mostly KB)