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Please skip this post if you are not into any of the following:

1. makeup
2.*failed attempts* of women in science/innovation,
3. tactile sensory tech application trying to creep into everyday use.
4. clicking links to watch some funny clips to find out the gist of the post
5. reading a post that doesn’t go anywhere because it’s not got a ticket.

Thank you.

I remember I was laughing at this EU campaign a while back.

But then I’ve seen this woman Grace Choi, the founder/CEO of MINK pop up everywhere.

The idea behind MINK is that with the minimum of raw material, the printer can basically get colour off your screen and match it to produce a makeup with that colour. Of course, I can immediately think of “what about the way colour blends/changes on the skin depending on the ingredient” etc but then again I am pretty certain that the cosmetics companies, even the high-end ones, do not have some magic luxury colour ingredients either. (unlike Vermeer with his paint preparation). Also it always amuses me that Asian American or African-American women say how hard it was they could find the right colour for them, especially in cosmetics. It’s such an Oprah moment.

Do you think it will fly off the shelf for 300 dollars?

Yes, and I guess I am directing it at the fathers of girls between 13 and 21 amongst the TMH readership, otherwise I might as well be waiting for the echo to bounce off the wall.

Finally, let me end with “Women Know your Limits!” the video I always link after linking the first video, because they go in pairs.

This product reminds me of another iphone/smartphone app I’ve seen advertised called Scentee from Japan. LOL at the CEO explaining the gunpowder smell, especially after trying to sell the romantic angle about a couple. Also, eating while salivating over the smell of something is a very famous Korean children’s story – a famous miser called 자린고비, who used to hang a smelly 굴비(fish) while making his family just eat rice.

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Like I say, I cannot believe the buzz that this idea is getting. Maybe it’s not so silly sounding and so preposterous, and the skeptics are the ones left with empty cheques.