The Defense Ministry has been under attack from the 새정치민주연합 for giving a briefing/press release of “a climber discovering an object suspected to be part of a crashed drone” before actually verifying it. It turns out it was a door of a portable toilet, otherwise known as a portaloo.
This report has some photos of the famous object.

The opposition likened it to a second 보온병/마호병 (thermos) incident, so I had to look it up , and just got the best laugh of my life. For those who don’t like clicking links, it’s a TV clip of the Hannara (former Saenuri) politician 안상수 and some army expert picking up some different sized thermo-flasks in the debris of the Yunpyung attacks, and exchanging some very serious opinions on it, identifying them as bomb shells. But I advise you to watch it for the funny value.