The Seoul Shinmun reports that Seoul is now home to 400,000 foreigners (one out of 25 residents!), and to deal with the diversity, the city has announced a five-year “Multicultural Values Seoul Masterplan.”

The masterplan has four objectives: spreading human rights, cultural diversity, shared growth and bolstering the capabilities of foreign residents.

Anyway, some city official told the paper, “We prepared the masterplan to help foreigners from the position of our parents’ generation, who boarded planes to the United States with nothing but their bare hands for the American Dream… We will do our best to make Seoul an advanced multicultural city where we all live well together.”

Seoul might want to send a memo to local bar and club owners. According to a report in the JoongAng Daily, racism is pretty rampant in the Korean nightlife scene. To be fair, though, according to at least one bar manager, foreigners are bad and really deserve to be banned:

The fingerprint verification, the manager told the Korean reporter, is “just another way of turning foreigners away.

“It is discrimination,” admitted the manager, who said the ban came into effect after “too many incidents of rowdy foreigners who start fights and sexually harass women.”

Part of the reason the bar is cautious is because “foreigners won’t be punished by local law,” the owner said.

Speaking of rowdy foreigners, a US serviceman died recently after a street fight—with another serviceman—outside a Hongdae club:

Outside the club, which is popular among men and women serving in the U.S. military stationed here, the 20-year-old Lissone was knocked unconscious during a fight with another U.S. serviceman, according to a government source familiar with the situation.

Although Lissone was bleeding from his nose and ears, the three men brought him not to a nearby hospital but to a motel in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, near Camp Humphreys, where they are stationed.

Lissone was then taken to Good Morning Hospital in Pyeongtaek, where he was pronounced dead.

Anyway, back to the clubs. If there are any Korean club owners reading this, here’s a tip: while banning round-eye and darkie from your clubs may be both legal and perhaps even socially acceptable in Korea, you’ll want to avoid carrying this practice over should you expand your business to the United States.

One place you can be absolutely sure is OK with keeping foreigners out of the clubs, though, is North Korea. Last week, the KCNA let fly with some truly spectacular racial invective aimed at President Obama, likening the US leader to a “wicked black monkey”:

“How Obama looks like makes me disgusted,” Kang Hyuk, a worker at the Chollima Ironworks Factory said when translated into English.

“As I watch him more closely, I realize that he looks like an African native monkey with a black face, gaunt grey eyes, cavate nostrils, plumb mouth and hairy rough ears.

“He acts just like a monkey with a red bum irrationally eating everything – not only from the floor but also from trees here and there…Africa’s national zoo will be the perfect place for Obama to live with licking bread crumbs thrown by visitors,” Kang concluded.

On a positive note, between the Koreans and the racism, at least Donald Sterling could consider moving the Clippers to Pyongyang if the NBA tries to force him to sell the team.