The news in the U.S. that’s been the subject of water cooler talk is the National Basketball Association banning the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, from the sport for racist comments he said about African Americans and Latinos.  Recorded by his mistress/girl friend (I’m not sure what to call her because Donald is still legally married) V. Stiviano, and somehow distributed to media gossip blog TMZ, Donald apparently admitted his belief that both African Americans and Latinos were racially inferior to Whites.

The NBA is also going to force Sterling to try and sell his team, but Donald is expected to fight this legally.  Apparently, the NBA, as it is a private organization, can ban members for beliefs contrary to the organization’s mission.

So, why blog about it here?  Somehow the Koreans got dragged into this.  You see Donald has made most of his money through commercial and residential real estate.  He also manages the properties that he owns.  Many of his buildings are in Los Angeles’ Koreatown and there have been ongoing allegations that he favors Korean tenants over African American or Latino tenants.

So, leave it to Slate to capitalize on this racial train wreck with an article entitled, “What Donald Sterling’s Love Of Koreans Reveals About Racism In America.”

… here’s another piece to Sterling’s warped worldview, one that illustrates the bizarre and incoherent ways in which racism works. As Sterling allegedly schemed to rid his properties of certain racial minorities, he sought to fill his development with Koreans, an ethnic group he valorized as hardworking and reliable.

Sterling did not take a passive approach to attracting Korean tenants. He changed the name of one of his buildings to “Korean World Towers,” adorned his buildings with Korean flags, and explicitly stated a preference for “Koreans” in his housing ads.

I’m not sure if this article will be remembered in the same breath as other seminal works on race relations, but it is certainly popular.  553 comments and counting on Slate’s site as of 6:28 am GMT.