Prime Minister Chung Hong-won has announced his decision to step down from his post, due to the poor government response to the Sewol Disaster.  

As noted in the JoongAng Ilbo, Saenuri Dang leadership has been quick to react to the PMs departure:

. . . The news came as no surprise to the ruling Saenuri Party, who said that the prime minister’s resignation had been expected.
“The prime minister’s resignation was an expected scenario,” a Saenuri Party lawmaker told the JoongAng Ilbo yesterday. “Now the most important thing is wrapping up the accident and doing all we can in the matter.”

Which is meaningless, considering the source.

The real problem is the lack of credibility in the current government and level of institutional incompetence in place.  If there is going to be effective governance, it needs to be competent since the lives of many rest upon the decisions of the few.   It will take more than the political gesture of Chung Hong-won not being Prime Minister to make disasters like this one a thing of the past. It will also take political leadership that is needed to make for credible governance and the will to make change.  This government and others after will continue to shed ministers and toss prosecutors under buses for the sake of politics but a real change in political and social ethos is needed.  Personally, I think at least one of the JoongAng editors understands this too.

Changing a minister changes nothing.