Surprise — North Korea detains another American tourist

I’ll give North Korea this: when they find something that works, they stick with it.

Apparently, this is the third tourist North Korea has arrested in the last six months. My sympathies go out to the poor schmucks who work at North Korea’s tourism board—this can’t be making your job any easier.

For what it’s worth, if the reports on this one are true, I’m not all that sure I want the State Department to try to get him back:

“A relevant organ of the DPRK put in custody American Miller Matthew Todd, 24, on April 10 for his rash behavior in the course of going through formalities for entry into the DPRK to tour it,” the KCNA said.

Miller ripped up his tourist travel certificate and declared “he would seek asylum,” adding that ”he came to the DPRK after choosing it as a shelter,” the KCNA said, which described his actions as a “gross violation” of legal order.

The North Korean government detained Miller “after taking a serious note of his behavior, and is now investigating the case.”

Rather rude of the North Koreans to announce the detention while President Obama was in town. Still, I suppose it was a better than a nuclear test.

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    Sounds like this tourist actually had it coming. But I suppose we have to take NK’s word for it.

  • sloppycho

    This is not the guy but I imagine the scene looked somewhat similar to this…

    Drunk Aussie passenger arrested by Indonesian police after sparking hijack alert on a plane

    Just hope FOX news doesn’t use this video in their story on the American detained in North Korea.

    Similar does not mean the same, FOX news. OK?

  • Seoulgoodman

    If the guy really is that nuts, the logical way of handling it would have been to pump him full of sedatives and send him back on the first flight out. But, nooooo, North Korea’s gotta make an international incident of it.

  • redwhitedude

    Another douche bag of a tourist. The US should tell NK to do whatever they wish to him.

  • Sumo294

    KJU just wants some high quality Frenchie cheese–one case should do the trick.

  • Seoulgoodman

    Could be worse. He could have American cheese.

  • Dokdoforever

    North Korea apparently believes that anyone seeking asylum in North Korea must definitely have some serious problems. They’re right. So much for worker’s paradise.

  • redwhitedude

    They’ll sell American cheese mislabeled as

  • Seoulgoodman

    To be more precise, they know he’s nuts and claim he’s criminal.

  • hoju_saram

    Turns out this guy wasn’t drunk, he had a panic attack and tried to beat down the cockpit door. I don’t imagine the Indo SWAT team would have done his anxiety issue much good.

  • redwhitedude

    What if he has some medical condition that kills him when he is being sedated like that?