A Russian scam Yuna site?

A Russian scam Yuna site?

If I may mimic Robert’s way of summarizing a collection of links, there is enough flavour this month for a buffet.

First, Aidan Foster-Carter has summarized the NIS Saga in three parts – not as nice and interesting as the Lord of the Rings, but there are plenty bad guys and they actually get off on the grounds of there being a “lack of evidence” .  There seems to be no lack of willingness to cheat the system of justice.

Then, there is the Great Jinju Space Rock hunt that has the locals agitated because pesky foreign rock hounds are handing out business cards and snooping around fields for bits of meteorites (Chondrites).  Of course, an official of the Cultural Heritage Administration feels compelled to protect Korea’s space rocks from some mysterious foreigner named “Robert“:

. . . We are considering measures to prevent such leaks (loss of space rocks to foreigners) by designating them as ‘monuments,’ a kind of cultural asset recognized by relevant law.

Damned aliens . . .

Lastly, many feel that Kim Yuna was robbed of a gold medal by Russian judging but there are other Yuna scam problems out there such as “yuna-kim.com” a site hosted in the USA by evil Godaddy, owned by a Russian fellow with an address in Israel.  This site is listed as a scam site as well by Russian authorities.  To be fair, the site is in Russian but appears to be a straight-up fan site for Yuna.  Nowadays, considering the large number of illegal Russian pill sites and what passes for politics in the Russian Federation, I’m not sure there is an official Russian anything that would know a scam from the real thing.