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So, what does the Hani think of the UN report on North Korean human rights?

Well, for those who accuse the Hani and its readers of being communists—and you know who you are—please know that in an editorial, the Hani warned Pyongyang that “the only way…to free itself of the stigma of being the world’s worst human rights abuser is by changing its flawed system and practices“:

This would involve following the report’s recommendations to close the political concentration camps, stop discriminating based on family ancestry, end surveillance of citizens, guarantee the freedom of movement, and protect refugees.

OK, that’s the good part. Now here’s the bad part:

The South Korean government must cooperate with North Korea so that it can adopt measures for actually improving human rights conditions. Considering that North Korea’s greatest concern is insecurity about its regime, the initial priority should be placed on expanding humanitarian aid, along with exchange and cooperation in the private sector.

After progress has been achieved in inter-Korean relations, it will be possible to set up a joint committee to discuss human rights issues. Needless to say, the most important thing of all is for North Korea to have a forward-looking attitude.

So, basically the best way to get North Korea to stop being the “world’s worst human rights abuser” (the Hani’s words) is to give them food and money.

I’m also guessing the North Koreans will perceive a contradiction between address their stability concerns and getting them to open up and be nice.

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  • Wedge1

    What was Einstein’s definition of insanity again?

  • brier

    The Hani has really got to get out of the sun. It’s making them go mad.

  • Sanshinseon .

    Indeed, i can’t tolerate those with no historical knowledge about this, keep advocating that we have to be nice to them, humbly accede to their demands and give them what they want, without requiring any sort of reciprocation in behavior, because “We’ve never tried that before, and it’s time to try something new” or else “everything else has failed, so why not try this?” — they seem completely ignorant of Kim DJ and Noh MH administrations, where this was dry the greatest extent it ever realistically could be… and it was an utter failure, without one single bit of improvement in exchange for many concessions and how many billions of Won…?

    It is indeed time to try a “new” policy — getting real & tough with Pyeongyang — and with Beijing.

  • roboseyo

    Oh, wait. That hasn’t worked, either.

  • redwhitedude

    With all the aid they’ll do what they have done before. Just give it to the privileged and loyal and let the other starve and continue violating human right.

  • Sanshinseon .

    Yes, RWD, we can all agree on that.
    > Roboseyo, it hasn’t been tried in a good 20 years or +. things are very different now than they were two decades ago, for both Pyeongyang and Beijing.

  • Sanshinseon .

    BTW, in my first comment here, “dry” –> tried to

  • http://www.askakorean.net/ The_Korean

    “Getting real & tough” = like the way it has been for the first 45 years of the Republic? How did that work out?

  • Sumo294

    Being tough and surviving has led the South in becoming more prosperous and doing its job of feeding its citizens and providing those who are willing to work hard an opportunity to improve their lot in life. The so called socialist, communist and centrally planned economy in the North starves its citizens–shoots women and children as they try to cross the river to a better life. They have built nukes for the sole purpose of nuking South Korean cities and they have stationed artillery on the border that have the capability of killing one out of every four persons in the ROK. Yet, the liberals have not given up hope for North Korea.
    Liberals: You don’t understand. I am very smart and very educated. I took a test that tells me that I am more smart than you are. Communism is misunderstood–it is a fact that Communism effected globally and through the UN via the social might of the USA will bring about a glorious socialist paradise. You need to be kind and compassionate toward the Norks–at least they tried at some time in history to engineer a wonderful future for all Koreans. It is not their fault that they are poor and misunderstood.

  • Benjamin Wagner