- It’s wonderful that former Japanese PM Tomiichi Murayama met with the Comfort Women, but I’m really not sure how much good it’s going to do. President Park won’t meet with him, either.

- Geoffrey of Jeollamite wrote a very good post about the surprising—well, given how this disgraceful affair has transpired, perhaps not too surprising—acquittal of the former Seoul police commissioner on charges of obstructing the investigation into the NIS.

- The Economist calls Korea an Internet dinosaur (HT to Gregory). As I’ve said before, it really is frustrating to read stuff like this given the kind of IT infrastructure we have here. As I said when Korea made Reporters Without Borders’ Enemies of the Internet list:

It’s kind of like reading news that Iran is suffering oil shortages — you scratch your head wondering how that’s even possible, and yet here we are.

And the Economist was being kind—they could have added to the list a ton of antiquated website design practices that can be quite frustrating.

- Clearly, these people have never seen Westworld.

- As a guy who likes to snap photos of pretty buildings, I suppose I should be excited that PGH wants to rebuild Gyeongju. And yet, a Korean acquaintance of mine said yesterday, “We’re just no good at doing these things,” pointing to this. I suppose you could easily suspect this to be a politically motivated white elephant… it it happens at all. First up is the old Silla palace—if you want to know what that’s supposed to look like when it’s done, see here.

- African slavery in Pocheon? That there’s foreign laborer exploitation going on in a place like Pocheon should be as surprising as a French president having an affair. What’s IS interesting, though, is that the director of the museum just happens to be the Saenuri Party’s general secretary. How much he was actually involved, I don’t know.

- More photos at Ye Olde Photoblog.