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Photos from the Yeosu Oil Spill

Over at Busan Haps, photographer Ben Weller has some great shots of local efforts to halt the damage from the Yeosu oil spill –a tragic event that he describes as “predictable.”

The full extent of the impact will take years to sort out, but it’s looking to be quite a mess, both literally and figuratively.

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  • Bob Bobbs

    Taean Part 2.

  • RElgin

    What I found extremely ironic was that this spill originates from Yeosu, the city hosting the loudly praised expo whose theme was “The Living Ocean and Coast” and “Preservation and Sustainable Development of the Ocean and Coast,” which was pretty much an attempt at fishing for investors to help develop the southern coastal region – all part of a plan put forth during LMBs term in office.

    The thoughts of many in government have been to focus upon making money, i.e., “development” with minimal regards to protecting their environment. This event is a good example. The GS Caltex team reportedly could not shut off the oil leak for an hour because the ramming ship knocked out the power to shut the oil conduit? Where was the backup power circuitry or the manual shutoff!? WTF would have happened if the unlikely event of the ship leaked as well?


    have they figured out who’s responsible? I heard something about the ships navigators but were they Korean? Foreign?

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    They are still trying to determine whom they could blame and get away with it. Some foreigner, though, will get blamed. Bet on that.

  • SeoulGoodman

    You know that expo was basically a Moonies project, right? Irony is a foreign concept to them.

  • RElgin

    I know the LMB Government lobbied them to build a large hotel on one of the islands down there in an attempt to turn the area into a Korean Hainan Island/Rivera of sorts. There were more people involved than just the Unification Church, so I would not characterize it as being their project alone.
    Some of the local government did some things that were not very legal either but, hey, it was canal fever, on the coast.

  • http://www.askakorean.net/ The_Korean

    The first casualty of the oil spill was the Minister of Oceans and Fisheries, who was sacked for inadequate response. She was otherwise known as “some foreigner.” Not.

  • brier

    She is only a casualty because she tripped over her own stupidity by stating GS Caltex was the number one victim of the oil spillage and the local residents who make their living from the sea, were secondary. If she acted with common sense and political deportment, she would still have her job.

  • Wedge1

    This one will be tough to pin on foreigners, unlike the Taean spill where the Indian captain in a fully anchored ship clearly should have gotten out of the way of the runaway Samnsung crane barge, even though his engines were cold. Yep, his fault. In this case, a Korean pilot was guiding the ship. Still, there may be a creative way to blame the Singaporean ship owner or foreign valve manufacturer.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Hold on there cowboy, are you doubting the ingenuity of Koreans when it comes to blaming others?

  • RElgin

    Regarding the Taean oil spill, Samsung demonstrated that they are the leaders of innovation in steering blame away from their operations and onto the foreign oil tanker captain. It was interesting to see how completely Korean courts agreed with Samsung’s innovative approach to the matter. I wonder if this might even have been an example of Samsung’s R&D into mind control, judging by the strange actions of Korean courts.